Nov 11

Speech Showcase Is Shaping Up to Be Exciting Event, with Special Guest Ramona J. Smith

The first-ever District 10 Fall Speech Showcase will feature 10 Toastmasters from District 10 doing a humorous speech or tall tale, along with a panel discussion in which Ramona J. Smith, 2018 World Champion of Public Speaking will take part. You can attend, you can put your name in the hat to speak, or you can challenge yourself and take on a leadership role and help facilitate the event. Continue reading

Oct 15

Learn How Your Club Can Get and Keep 20+ Members

If you’re wondering “HOW?”–How do some clubs consistently have 20 or more members? How can my club do the same? How can I help my club?”–then there is no better place to be than the District 10 Marketing Institute on October 27. Continue reading