Area Director Resources

Getting Started

Welcome to one of the most rewarding roles in Toastmasters!

We know that there are several things to learn, and we believe these items will help you transition smoothly into your role.

Step 1 - Download a copy of the Getting Started Checklist. Keep this list handy and refer to it often throughout the year. It will help you keep on track, making sure you cover all the items you are responsible for, and meet important deadlines.

Step 2 - Also download Area Director Status Report and begin filling in information about your clubs. This will provide you with valuable information about the strengths of your clubs. Keep this information updated throughout the year to share with your Division Director.

The following resources show how to access information about your clubs from Toastmasters International.

Visiting Your Clubs
Resources to Share with Clubs

From Club Central, clubs can now quickly fill out a Club Success Plan. This is also the place to update their officer information, add when they are having events, etc.

Club Central Capture

Area Director Resources from Toastmasters International
  • Area Director training materials - link- OK, you've been trained, but you'll want to review the training materials again
  • District Leadership Handbook- make sure you know your role and its expectations, especially your deadlines
  • Develop Successful Teams - customized by Past District 10 Director Alicia Smith-Kirk 7/10/21
  • Club Status Guide- determine what makes a club in good standing, suspended, etc.
Inspiration to Help You as Area Director
Communicating with Your Clubs

It's important for you to remind clubs of upcoming deadlines (such as club contests), or what's happening in District 10. Even if this information is sent from District 10, don't expect your clubs to have paid attention. In Marketing, the more 'touches,' the more someone will pay attention. If you send your own newsletter (and they have met you), they may pay more attention to deadlines and other pieces of interest.

It's also great to celebrate your Area's innovations (are clubs doing something cool in your Area? Let the other clubs know!).

To put a professional foot forward, use these resources from Toastmasters International. People will respect your authority more when it looks professional.

Becoming an Exceptional Area Director

Are you someone who likes to go above & beyond in your efforts?

Are you not satisfied by getting away with as little as possible? Neither are we! This is why District 10 instituted the Exceptional Leader Awards for Area and Division Directors.

By doing a few things above & beyond the minimum:

  • You will help clubs (and District 10) succeed and grow
  • You might earn an Exceptional Leader title and electronic banner, which you can add to your LinkedIn or other profile
  • You might earn an award and recognition from District 10
  • You can apply some of these activities to Level 4 and Level 5 Pathways Projects
  • This shows your future employers that you are exceptional; that you not only do what you say you are going to do, but you are capable of giving a little extra effort

Here are some additional resources that may help you become an Exceptional Leader:

Looking for information about how to plan your Area Contest? Check out our Contest page.