Club Resources


Ice-Breaker (Pathways) (pdf)

Great to give new members while they wait for their materials from Toastmasters. This is the official Icebreaker Project Description and Evaluation Guide from the Competent Communicator manual.

How to Improve at Table Topics (pdf)

Discover hints and how-to's for tackling and taming your fear of Table Topics!

Pathways Paths and Projects Catalog (pdf)

Comprehensive details about the Pathways learning experience. Includes specific details on all 10 Paths, the 5 Levels in each Path, and descriptions of over 50 Elective Projects. (66 pages)

Pathways: Quick Start Guide (pdf)

Handy summary about preparing for Pathways. Perfect for every member of Toastmasters to learn how to login and get started. (2 pages)

Pathways: Starter Packet - "The Navigator" (pdf)

Essential information about the Toastmasters journey and Toastmasters Pathways learning experience. Perfect for handing to new club members, and for anyone who wants to start the Pathways learning experience. (26 pages)

Pathways Paths and Core Competencies (pdf)

Visual overview of all 11 Paths in the Pathways learning experience and how each path maps to five core competencies. Summarizes each Path on a single page and the requirements for each of the 5 levels in each Path. (12 pages)

Toastmasters Meeting Protocol Tips (pdf)

Advice and recommendations for all participants in a typical Toastmasters meeting to assist in running smooth meetings.


General Evaluator Script (pdf)

Outline/script to follow when filling the role of General Evaluator in a club meeting.

Grammarian/Ah Counter Tally (xls)

Handy form to use to track use of the Word of the Day, as well as use of common filler words and phrases.

Timer Tally Sheet (xls)

Handy form for Timer to track timing during a meeting.


Club DCP Tracking (with Pathways) (pdf)

Track goals and progress toward points earned in the Distinguished Club Program.

Ideas to Recruit and Retain Members (pdf)

113 ideas to recruit new members, and 105 ways to retain members

Moments of Truth Chart (pdf)

Toastmasters International's Moments of Truth Chart

Open Houses - Strategies for Creating Successful Events (pdf)

Overview of ways to use open houses to expose people to your club, and how to make the open house an exciting event for the attendees.

WOW Open Houses (pdf)

Learn how to develop an effective Open House to build membership for your club.

Social Media: Design Guide (pdf)

Strategies for designing social media promotions for your club.

Social Media: Facebook For Toastmasters(pdf)

Discover how to use Facebook to promote your members and your club.

Social Media: How to Sign Your Club Up (pdf)

A simple one-page step-by-step listing of how to sign up your club for

Speechcraft: An Option Worth Considering (pdf)

How to successfully use the Toastmasters Speechcraft program to teach public speaking and find new members for your club.

Successful Clubs: 9 Clubs Share Their Secrets (pdf)

When asked, "How did you build your membership?" nine clubs share their strategies, tips and advise. Learn from these successful clubs in District 10.


Secretary: Meeting Minutes Template (pdf)

Handy template any club Secretary can use for tracking details during club meetings

Sergeant-at-Arms: Checklist(doc)

One-page checklist for the Sergeant at Arms to use before and after a meeting.

Treasurer: Job Responsibilities, PayPal Resources, and Audit and Proper Use of Funds Guidelines (pdf)

A summary of all the responsibilities of the club Treasurer, including a sample Treasurer's report, and information about conducting the annual club audit.

Treasurer: Treasurers Report Template (xls)

Blank Template a Treasurer can use to prepare a club's annual budget

Treasurer: Collecting Dues Using Online Resources (pdf)

Learn the top new ways to collect member dues for your club, including using PayPal and mobile devices.

Vice President of Education: Working with Pathways Base Camp Manager(pdf)

Essential document for any Club Vice President of Education. Outlines what you need to do in Base Camp Manager to track and record your club members' progress in the Pathways program. (44 pages)

Vice President of Public Relations: Roles and Responsibilities (pptx)

Slide presentation by Molly Ketcham. Covers multiple ideas for promoting your club as Vice President of Public Relations.

Vice President of Public Relations: Internal and External PR for Your Club (pdf)

Vicky Nann's presentation offering methods of using public relations effectively to promote your club.

Vice President of Public Relations: Images for Your Website and Brand Guidelines (pdf)

Sue Woods's handy summary of design resources for your website and other promotional channels.

Speech Contests

D10 Contest Resources Link

Click on the link to access the latest District 10 contest resources.

District Resources

Minutes from the DEC Meeting of the District Council, Jan 16, 2021 (pdf)

Minutes from the January meeting of the DEC.

Minutes from the DEC Meeting, Nov 7, 2020 (pdf)

Minutes from the November meeting of the DEC.

Minutes from the District Council Meeting, Sept 26, 2020 (pdf)

Minutes from the September meeting of the District Council.

Minutes from the DEC Meeting, Sept 5, 2020 (pdf)

Minutes from the September meeting of the DEC.

Minutes from the DEC Meeting Dec 7, 2019 (pdf)

Minutes from the December meeting of the DEC.

Virtual District Council Meeting Agenda_09282019 (pdf)

Virtual District Council Meeting Agenda for 09/28/2019.

District-10-Leadership-Team-2019-2020 (pdf)

List of the District Leadership Team for the 2019-2020 Toastmasters year.

Minutes from District Council Meeting May 11, 2019 (pdf)

Minutes from the spring meeting of the District Council.

District10 -District Success Plan (pdf)

District Success Plan.

District10_2019-2020 Budget FINAL(pdf)

District Budget (FINAL) approved at the District Council Meeting.

District10 2018-2019 Year End Audit Committee Report (pdf)

Audit Committee Report for District 10 financials.

District 10 Bylaws (pdf)

Bylaws for the formation and operation of District 10.

District 10 2018-2019 Budget FINAL (pdf)

If you have any questions, please contact

District Council Meeting Proxy and Elections - FAQs (pdf)

Excerpted from the Proxy and Elections Guidelines, this document presents FAQs developed by Toastmasters International to help districts conduct District Executive Council elections correctly.

District Council Meeting Proxy and Elections - General Guidelines (pdf)

Taken directly from, these guidelines spell out the approved procedure for conducting district elections. It includes FAQs that state, among other things, the maximum number of votes a member can carry (three, regardless of the number of clubs to which the Toastmaster belongs).

District Council Meeting Proxy Form (pdf)

Use this form to assign your club's proxy to cast a ballot for the club president or club VPE at the semi-annual District Executive Council business meeting. A signature by the officer assigning the proxy is required.

Area Director & Division Director Roles and Opportunities (pdf)

Handout summarizing roles and responsibilities of Area and Division Directors for anyone interested in leadership opportunities in Toastmasters

District Leader List of Qualifications (pdf)

A helpful list of what to look for in a future district leader.

District Leader Nomination Packet (pdf)

All materials necessary to nominate yourself or another Toastmaster for a 2018-2019 District leadership role. Includes District Leader Nomination Form, Qualifications and Responsibilities descriptions for each role, and an Officer Agreement and Release Form. Submissions due by February 15, 2018.

Reimbursement Request Form 2020-2021 (xlsx)

Use this form to claim expenses incurred in the 2020-2021 Toastmasters year until Concur is rolled out.

Area Director of the Year nomination form (pdf)

Use this form to nominate an Area Director for "Area Director of the Year"

Division Director of the Year nomination form (pdf)

Use this form to nominate a Division Director for "Division Director of the Year"

Toastmaster of the Year nomination form (pdf)

Use this form to nominate any Toastmaster in District 10 for "Toastmaster of the Year"