Farewell to a Toastmaster Friend


Will Warren, Jr, DTM

It’s with my deepest sympathies to inform you that Distinguished Toastmaster William Warren Jr. passed away January 22, 2014.

For those of you that don’t know Will I’d like to share who he was to me.

Will was one of my two mentors at the Bridgestone / Firestone Club. He helped shape me in to the Toastmaster I am today.

When I returned from Iraq and I felt like I didn’t fit back into my life, Will and his family invited me to their home for dinner and to just sit and talk. When I returned, Toastmasters was the ONLY place I felt like I belonged and he helped facilitate that.

He was very active with in the Central division of District 10. He had a passion to be the best at whatever he set his mind to.

Will and his family moved to San Diego towards the end of 2011, where he continued to be a Toastmaster and an inspiration until his illness prevented him from doing so. He will be truly missed.

Missy Moore DTM
District 10 LGET 2013-2014

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4 thoughts on “Farewell to a Toastmaster Friend

  1. I saw Will frequently at Toastmasters events. I remember in 1999, when I competed in the District-level evaluation contest, he was the target speaker. What a great guy. My sympathies to his family.

  2. Wow. He will be missed. I regularly think of how I was so intimidated by his speaking ability…which later changed from intimidation to inspiration. My heart goes out to his beloved wife, Anita, and children. Rest in peace fellow Toastmaster.

  3. Will was an incredible competitor. His 2010 International Speech “Breathe” was incredible. I remember watching him and Mike Gerrick share that stage pushing each other to greatness. The real winner that day was the audience. On a personal level, Will did express to me how he wanted to live in San Diego for the rest of his days, and I’m truly glad he had the chance to realize that dream. RIP Will, you will be missed.

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