2023 District 10 Hybrid Conference


Why Attend a Toastmasters Conference?

The purpose of a Toastmasters District Conference is to provide a platform for members of Toastmasters International to come together, network, share their experiences, and learn new skills related to public speaking and leadership. The conference is typically held annually and is attended by members from different clubs within a specific geographic region, known as a district. In District 10, Northeast Ohio, we shift our conference to different Divisions every year. This year will be our first Hybrid major event - in-person and online audience. 

At the conference, attendees can

  • Meet Immediate Past International President Richard Peck, DTM
  • Meet Accredited Speaker Bob Hooey, DTM
  • Participate in workshops
  • Gather more ideas to help build membership
  • Learn how to go from Toastmaster to a Professional Speaker
  • How to leverage your communication skills
  • Be involved with speeches
  • Events designed to help them improve their communication and leadership skills
  • Interact with other Toastmasters members from across the district
  • Learn from experienced speakers and leaders
  • Participate in district-level contests


The conference also serves as an opportunity for the district leadership to

  • Provide updates on the organization's initiative
  • Recognize the achievements of individual members 
  • Recognize the achievements of clubs
  • Award Communication and Leadership Award
  • Opportunity to recognize corporations for the Toastmasters Corporate Recognition Award


Overall, the Toastmasters District Conference is a key event for members to 

  1. Develop their skills
  2. Connect with others
  3. Advance their careers.