What are your favorite reasons for going to the District 10 conference?

Add your reasons in the comments section!!

When I was a newbie Toastmaster, I heard about the Toastmasters District 10 conference.

I wasn’t completely sold at first. I thought…

    • Pros
      • A keynote speech from an accomplished, professional speaker.
      • Educational sessions where I could learn skills, hear new information, and further my personal development.
      • A bookstore where I could buy cool Toastmasters stuff.
    • Cons
      • Lots of people I don’t know.
      • And unstructured time with them at breakfast and lunch.

As a inveterate introvert, it was actually tough to make myself go—to be honest, the first few times. As a learning junkie, however, the appeal of the education always won out.

I really enjoy the District 10 conference now. My favorite reasons for going include:

“My Favorite Things”

  • The people. OMG. Am I really saying this? Well, you all feel like family now. I love catching up with Toastmasters I know and even meeting new Toastmasters I don’t know.
  • Keynote speaker. I have enjoyed every single one. I have gotten practical tips, I’ve watched master presenters in action, and I have always been entertained.
  • Educational sessions. Yeah, it’s still about the learning for me. Every conference draws a set of knowledgeable Toastmasters who present on a range of super interesting topics. I always learn something useful, including how impressive my fellow Toastmasters are.

What are YOUR favorite reasons for going to conference? Add them in the comments below!

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One thought on “What are your favorite reasons for going to the District 10 conference?

  1. Monica! I love this article you posted! My favorite reasons for attending the conference:
    1. Watching professional speakers in action
    2. Learning, learning, learning
    3. Admiring the hard work from lots of volunteers
    4. The speech contest!

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