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May/June 2016 Newsletter – District 10 News and Events

A Message from District 10 Director Jenilee Taylor Another Toastmaster year is getting ready to close. As I look back over the last eleven months, I cannot help but feel blessed to be part of Toastmasters and District 10. We are a remarkable group of individuals from different backgrounds sharing a journey of growth and discovery.…

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March 2016 Newsletter – District 10 News and Events

The Top Ten Reasons to Attend the District 10 Spring Conference By Vicky Nann, DTM, District Public Relations Manager You’ve seen the emails: the ones urging you to “register now” and “volunteer to help” and “donate gift bag items.” Maybe your area director or club officers have mentioned the conference. Maybe you’ve been to the District…

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December 2015 Newsletter – District 10 News and Events

Letter from the District Director District Director Jenilee Taylor on how to keep the momentum going Let’s talk about the concept of momentum. What is it? Well, we could consider the scientific measure, which is p (momentum) = mass (m) times velocity (v). This scientific measurement is, of course, not the kind of momentum that…

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