Spring 2015 Conference – Saturday, April 18th


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Do You Know Someone Running This Race?

marathonrunnersBoston has one. Chicago has one.  Cleveland has one, too.  

In fact, more than 500 marathons are organized worldwide every year.  We know a marathon to be a long-distance running event usually run as a road race with an official distance of 42.195 kilometers (26 miles and 385 yards).

Some people enter marathons with a goal to win the 1st place trophy.  To be the fastest.  “The best.”

But Most People Don’t Want to Win

When you look at all the people who enter marathons, most are not out to try and win first place.

Some runners just want to finish!  They have the set themselves a challenge and want to be able to say “I did it!”

Many marathons feature repeat runners … people who have run the race before and are focused on their own personal finish time or how they place in their specific age group.

Isn’t Toastmasters Like a Marathon?

Receiving a DTM Award

Receiving a DTM Medallion in District 10

In Toastmasters, the journey to finish as a “Distinguished Toastmaster”, a “DTM”, is a lot like running a marathon. 

Some people want to complete it as fast as possible.  But the race to DTM is not a sprint.  It’s a marathon.

Some just want to reach the finish line, get their medallion and be able to
say “I did it!”

Still others come back again and again for more DTM awards, focused on improving their personal speaking skills and learning as much as possible each time.

Just like preparing for a marathon, the journey to DTM requires planning, patience, and strategy.

Just like running a marathon, you may encounter obstacles along the way.  You might experience fatigue, loss of energy, and the desire to quit at any time.  As the runners say, you might “hit the wall”.

How to Stay Motivated When You’re Ready to Quit

RunnerWaterIn a running marathon, spectators line the streets.  They hand out cups of water and sports drinks.  They cheer on the runners.

You can do it!” they shout. “Just a little farther! Stick with it, you’re almost there!

Just like we do in Toastmasters at weekly meetings … at contests …

And at District Conferences like the one we’re having on April 18th!  

District conferences help you break through the barriers that may seem insurmountable, providing guidance, mentorship, fellowship and Leadership.

Join us for the Spring 2015 Conference on April 18th!

On Saturday, April 18th, a large group of runners Toastmasters will gather on the East side of Cleveland in Mayfield Village.  They will be there to learn … to encourage  … and to celebrate at the District 10 Spring 2015 Conference.

Mark Brown, 1995 World Champion of Public Speaking

Mark Brown, 1995 World Champion of Public Speaking

Our special guest will be a former “marathon winner” named Mark Brown.  Mark competed in a different type of marathon … the Toastmasters International Speech Contest … and won the top honor:  1995 World Champion of Public Speaking!  Mark and his wife will be flying in from New York to join us on April 18th!

We also have a great series of workshops lead by some of the best Toastmaster presenters in Northeast Ohio.  For example, you can learn how to boost your credibility and leverage the power of social media for yourself and your club.  You can discover the secrets to being a better mentor, how to build a better corporate club, and how to strengthening membership in your club … and much more!

You will also get to cheer for the Toastmasters in District 10 who crossed the finish line and achieved their DTM award … and watch the best speakers and evaluators in District 10 compete for first place in the District contests!

Come Join Us on April 18th for the Spring 2015 Conference!

[su_row][su_column  size=”1/2″]All roads lead to the East side of Cleveland for the Spring Conference.

All of the conference activities will take place at the 700 Beta Banquet & Conference Center in Mayfield Village (attached to the Hilton Garden Inn, Mayfield Village). The address is 700 Beta Drive, Mayfield Village, OH 44143.

The 700 Beta Banquet & Conference Center features FREE PARKING.[/su_column]

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Online registration is OPEN, featuring “Early Bird” pricing.  

Ticket Type
Saturday - Full conference
Includes all meals, all sessions, business meeting, DTM recognition, and contests.
Morning Only: 7am-11:45am
Includes breakfast, business meeting and morning keynote
Afternoon Only: 12:00pm-6:45pm
Includes lunch, Keynote speech, afternoon sessions, snack, DTM recognition and contests.
Contests only: 4:30pm-6:30pm. Includes parking, DTM recognition, and contests.

Click below to register, read the agenda, see pricing options, or learn more!

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Conference Agenda

Below is the planned agenda for the day as of 4/14/2015.  Times listed may be changed slightly the day of the event as needed.

Saturday, April 18, 2015 – Main Conference

6:45 am:  Registration opens

7:00-8:00 am:  Breakfast buffet

7:45-9:30 am:  District Council Meeting

9:45-10:30 am:  Opening Ceremonies and Social Media Presentation

11:00-11:45 am:  Educational Session 1 (Three choices)

11:45 am -1:45 pm:  Lunch, Communication & Leadership Award, Keynote by Mark Brown 

2:00-2:50 pm:  Educational Session 2 (Three choices)

3:00-3:30 pm:  Refreshment Break

3:30-4:20 pm:  Mark Brown Workshop Presentation

4:30-5:00 pm:  DTM ceremony

5:15-6:45 pm:  International Speech Contest, Evaluation Contest

6:45 pm:  Conference adjourns


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Conference Pricing

We are excited to offer not only a full day conference package, but also Morning Only, Afternoon Only and Contests Only ticket packages.

Early Bird
(by March 31)
(April 1 - 18)
At the Door
(April 18)
Saturday - Full conference
Includes all meals, all sessions, business meeting, DTM recognition, and contests.
Morning Only: 7am-11:45am
Includes breakfast, business meeting and morning sessions
Afternoon Only: 11:45-6:45pm
Includes lunch, Keynote speech, 2 afternoon sessions, snack, DTM recognition and contests.
Contests only: 4:00pm-6:45pm. Includes DTM recognition, and contests.

The Full Conference Experience includes:

[su_column size=”1/2″]-Breakfast, Lunch, and snack
-International Speech and Evaluation Speech contests
-Recognition of new DTM’s
-Hall of Fame District awards
-Keynote speech and workshop by World Champion Mark Brown
[su_column size=”1/2″]-Business meeting
-6 exciting breakout sessions
-Free parking
-Bookstore shopping, prize drawing, and
-Networking with NE Ohio Toastmasters!

Saturday Breakfast is from 7:00 to 8:00, and is open to anyone paying for the whole conference OR the morning sessions.

The District council meeting begins at 7:45, and is open to anyone.   Business meeting by itself is free, but includes no food.


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Keynote by Mark Brown, World Champion of Public Speaking!

MarkBrown300wEmmy Award Nominated Inspirational Speaker

Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, Mark Brown immigrated to the United States at 18 years old with only $40 in his pocket and a dream for a better life. Today he has become one the most popular inspirational speakers in the world.

In 1995, Mark defeated more than 20,000 contestants from 14 countries, to win the illustrious Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking. Since then, he has delivered more than 3500 presentations to more than 1.7 million people, on 4 different continents.

As an expert in helping people overcome their fears to reach their maximum potential, Mark has been featured in the New York Times, Men’s Health, on CNN Headline News, and even had his own PBS Special, which was nominated for an Emmy Award.

He has shared his insights across a wide variety of industries, to major corporations including: Sprint, Sheraton, Principal Financial Group, Prudential and Cathay Pacific Airways. Additionally, Mark has been a guest lecturer at premier academic institutions such as Penn State University, Xavier University and The University of Florida.

Using a unique blend of hilarious humor and hard-hitting honesty, Mark Brown will both challenge and compel your group to take their performance to the next level. Mark will be speaking twice at the conference:


What makes an exceptional leader? World Champion of Public Speaking Mark Brown clearly defines 7 simple yet powerful leadership principles which, when properly applied, will eliminate frustration and pressure leaders face. By embracing and adopting these concepts, leaders will foster successful working relationships with peers and subordinates alike.


We often consider celebrities, financiers and politicians to have the greatest influence, but WE have more influence than we realize. In this inspirational, uplifting program, World Champion of Public Speaking Mark Brown debunks conventional thinking about our lack of influence. Using specific examples and 3 powerful principles, he prompts us to adjust our mindset, stop labeling, limiting and lying to ourselves about our lack of influence, and acknowledge that we are ALL instruments of influence … both locally, and globally.

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Educational Workshops

We have a talented lineup of speakers and trainers who will help you make the journey “from backstage to center stage” both in Toastmasters and your everyday life! Join us for these educational sessions on April 18th!

Workshop Descriptions

[su_box title=”Video Branding Made Simple” style=”soft” box_color=”#004165″ radius=”6″]

artbyrd200x250Art Byrd ACG, ALB

Are people having trouble finding your club meeting site? Do you want to help people find you? Maybe you need to make a video!

Art Byrd will demonstrate how easy it is with a smartphone or a tablet. Toastmasters clubs can create video content to be posted on social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and video sharing outlets like YouTube and Vimeo.

Video Branding gives viewers a very unique view of your Toastmasters club through video and audio.

Art Byrd is a member of Executive 408 Toastmasters.


[su_box title=”Believability” box_color=”#772432″ radius=”6″]

TerryBegue200x250Terry Begue, CC.

No matter what business you’re in, you’re in the relationship business first. Your level of success is ultimately determined by how believable YOU are. Believability is not something you’re born with – it’s a skill set that anyone can learn.

In this fast paced, interactive session Terry will show you how to:

  • Build your personal brand
  • Boost your credibility
  • Deepen your relationships
  • Inspire confidence, and trust in everyone you meet

Join in fun, thought provoking exercises and walk away with a process for selling, packaging, and presenting the most important product of all: yourself.

Terry Begue is a member of Stark Community.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Four Keys to Distinguished Volunteer Performance” style=”soft” box_color=”#004165″ radius=”6″]

SherryWatts200x250Sherry Watts, DTM

Do you think running a volunteer organization is more like herding cats or out arguing a bar of lawyers? Would you rather talk to a political opinion pollster or ask your club members to help with your HPL?

Volunteers are the heart of Toastmasters. Everything from club meetings and district conferences to club and district leadership depends on members stepping up to give of their time and talent. All these volunteers must be able to work together effectively and efficiently if we are going to succeed as an organization.

In this program, you will learn the four keys to creating stellar results when working with volunteers. These keys work for anyone who generously volunteers to help, not just those leading volunteer teams. Using these keys, you will not only enjoy the experience more, you will be able to fulfill your duties more efficiently and effectively.

Sherry is a member of Westside Advanced Toastmasters Club.


[su_box title=”Mentoring: It’s a Win-Win Program” style=”soft” box_color=”#772432″ radius=”6″]

MarkTimm200x250Mark Timm, ACB AL

If you think of Donald Trump on the Celebrity Apprentice as a great example of mentors and proteges, you need to get to this session.

Mentoring is rewarding for both the protégé and the mentor. Strengthening individual members will also solidify the club. Mark Timm will share his experience as a mentor to other members of his club. He will talk about the benefits that have been realized by the relationships between the mentoring members. If you or your club is considering a mentoring program, you will want to attend this presentation to learn some pointers to help with its success.

Mark is a member of STERIS Toastmasters and Western Reserve Toastmasters clubs.


[su_box title=”Communication Across the Generations ” style=”soft” box_color=”#A9B2B1″ radius=”6″]

DebbieCurtis200x250Debbie Curtis, DTM

Have you ever wondered why your child never answers your phone calls – but responds immediately to your text messages? Communication styles are different among the generations. Understanding these styles will get you one step closer to more effective communication. The goal of this presentation is to not only to highlight our differences but to understand we all have the same goal, to be heard.

Debbie Curtis is the Immediate Past District Governor of District 10. She belongs to Playhouse Square, Westside Advanced and Hall of Fame Advanced Toastmaster clubs. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”Grow Your Corporate Club – An Interactive Panel Presentation” style=”soft” box_color=”#CD202C” radius=”6″]

vickynann200x250Moderator: Vicky Nann, DTM

Are you a member, officer, coach or mentor of a Toastmasters corporate club? Or are you thinking of starting a corporate club? If so, this session is for YOU!

Join us as we interview a panel of Toastmasters with extensive experience building corporate clubs. You’ll learn how to identify managers who will support the club, propose ways for management to integrate Toastmasters into performance plans for employees, promote the club within the organization, and much more. Come with your questions, and get the info you need to grow your corporate club.

Vicky Nann is a member of Medina Toastmasters and Beacon Toastmasters clubs.


[su_box title=”Fixing the Flaws” style=”soft” box_color=”#004165″ radius=”6″]

janicesewel200x250Janice Sewell, DTM

Do a few loyal Toastmaster members attend every meeting and yet new members don’t stay, and visitors don’t return? Many clubs need more members to make the club meetings fun and rewarding, but it’s not easy to examine a club’s own culture and practices that may discourage new members. Things aren’t always as they appear. It depends on who is doing the looking. Join me for a fun, introspective exercise to help determine the cause, and formulate possible solutions to strengthening membership in your club.

Janice is a member of Bailey Toastmasters and Eastside Advanced Toastmasters.



[su_tab title=”Volunteer” anchor=”sixth”]

Volunteer to Help Make a Successful Conference!

Volunteers_NeededHelp out “backstage”!

We are always looking for Toastmasters who want to help us create a fun, educational, and well-run conference experience every year. You can volunteer your expertise before the conference and/or during the conference.

You’ll get the chance to make new Toastmasters friends … help make the event a success … and feel like a valued and contributing member of District 10.

Plus, you can get credit for your Competent Leader (CL) Award!

How much volunteer time is required?

The amount of volunteer time required varies by committee, the nature of the work and your availability. Submit your interest below, and the appropriate committee chairperson will contact you regarding the specifics.

Conference Volunteer – Sign Up Form

We need your help in several areas, including promoting the conference at clubs and area and division contests, as well as within the administration, facilities, registration and hospitality teams.

[su_tab title=”Advertise” anchor=”advertise”]

Promote Your Club or Business
Place an Ad in the Conference Program

readingprogramOn April 18, 2015, over 100 Toastmasters are expected to attend the District 10 conference in Mayfield Village, Ohio.

The conference program is the ideal way to get a message out to conference attendees!  Toastmasters will see your message when they refer back to the program or even share it with club members who did not attend the conference.

The program includes special recognition for Toastmasters and clubs receiving awards, and will be a great keepsake long after the conference is over. Supporters who place ads are a vital part of the District 10 Conference success.

Placing your advertisement in the Fall Conference Program is an effective way to:

  • Showcase Your Business or Nonprofit
  • Advertise Your Products or Services
  • Express Congratulations for DTM and Other Awards
  • Promote Your Book
  • Promote Your Club

Ad Sizing and Prices







DEADLINE:  The absolute deadline for ad copy and payment is March 20, 2015

Artwork:  Ads will be printed in COLOR, and sprinkled throughout the conference program.  Submitted ads must be camera ready and correct size.  Electronic Form may be doc. and jpg.  Email your digital artwork to Kim Krajci at toastmaster.kim.kraj@gmail.com by March 20, 2015.

Payments: Make checks payable to: District 10 Toastmasters.  Send to Robbie Milledge District 10 Treasurer, 774 Wildberry Circle, Avon Lake, OH 44012



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