Spring 2014 Conference – Aim High!

stock-footage--soldiers-in-front-of-american-flag-close-upIn Toastmasters, just like the military, we all strive to be a part of something bigger, to reach for self-improvement.

While doing that we aim higher for that next communication award or to complete the leadership manuals.

Whatever your individual goal is you are always reaching to achieve the next goal, to Aim High!

As you may have heard May 17th is Armed Forces day and nine days later is Memorial Day, so it’s only fitting to have a patriotic theme for our conference … AIM HIGH!

Whether you’re a new Toastmasters recruit … or an experienced veteran … join us in Elyria, Ohio, at Lorain County Community College on May 17th for our Spring Conference!

Conference Summary:

Theme: Aim High!
May 17, 2014
Time: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Lorain County Community College, Spitzer Center
1005 N. Abbe Road, Elyria, OH 44035
(Click here for directions to LCCC. Campus map below.)

Conference Schedule (More Detail at the Conference)

8:00am District Executive Council Meeting (Meeting registration begins 7:15 am)
9:00am Conference Registration Opens
10:00am Main Conference Begins
10:35am Educational Sessions, Round 1
11:30am Luncheon with Keynote Speaker and C&L Recipient
1:30pm Educational Sessions, Round 2
2:20pm Educational Sessions, Round 3
3:15pm DTM Minting Ceremony, International Speech & Evaluation Contest
6:00 pm Conference ends!

Registration Options:

Option #1: Full Day Package. Includes all Educational Sessions, Education Awards ceremony, Keynote Speakers, DTM Minting Ceremony, Contests, Raffles and Closing.

AT THE DOOR pricing (May 14 – May 17): $80 for full day

Option #2: DTM Award Ceremony and Contests ONLY (begins at 3:00 pm)

Pricing: $10, regardless of when you register.


District Council Meeting:

This Spring, the District Council Meeting will take place at 8:00 am before all the other conference activities begin. This meeting is for District Leaders, Area Governors, Division Governors, Club Presidents (or their proxy), and Vice Presidents of Education (or their proxy).  Important topics on the agenda include briefings on the District realignment and other initiatives, and electing new District officers for the next Toastmasters year that begins on July 1. Registration for the District Council Meeting will open at 7:15 am, and the meeting will begin at 8:00 am.

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Luncheon Keynote

Kitty Brandal
Dr. Kitty Brandal
Luncheon Keynote

Have you ever felt anxious, fearful, intimidated, inadequate, or lethargic before or during a presentation? Can you lift yourself up emotionally when it’s “show time”?

While these emotions are real and a part of life, you do have the power to manage and control the behaviors that could lead to a less than stellar performance as a speaker and as a leader.

Our luncheon keynote speaker is Dr. Kitty Brandal, ACG/CL.   For 14 years, Dr. Brandal developed training programs for the U.S. Navy.  She will enlighten you about how raising your emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) can help you manage your emotions and control an emotional hijacking.

All Members:  Attend Your Choice of Educational Briefings

In the military, both enlisted and officer careers provide rewarding experiences, as well as educational and training benefits.  The same is true in Toastmasters.  We’ve put together a lineup of terrific top-ranking Toastmasters to hone your speaking and leadership skills in the morning and afternoon.


Because you communicate not only with your words, this “20/20 Vision behind every project” presentation that will be provided by Kathryn Joy Foster will assist you to develop your platform skills on making a lasting impression. You can gain more confidence having an integrated tool to help you refine your complete presentation.


Wondering about the District 10 Speakers Bureau? Darryl Doane CC, and Rose Sloat DTM will explain the vision, purpose and goals of the speakers bureau. This dynamic duo will share with you on how you get that message you have inside you out and in to the right target audience.

JeffCash110If networking means collecting business and placing them in your desk draw to never be seen again, then you need to attend Jeff Cash ACS/ALB presentation. Jeff with provide you some concrete tips on how to network effectively.


What is a vision board? In this hands on session Vicky Nann ACB/ALS will help you discover your passion and make it real. Vicky will share the philosophy behind the vision board and provide you tangible tools that have been proven to be effective in helping people reach their goals.

kordell-nortonWant to add more charisma and magnetism in your presentation? Kordell Norton is going to share secrets used by professionals speakers on how to move your presentation to the next level. This interactive and entertaining speech is going to help answer “what is the 30/20/10 rule of power points,” and “what is the 3rd plane and how you can use it to make a connection with your audience.”

John-NoceroThere are many paths to leadership what is yours? So many measure leadership by success or money but, there is a different type of leadership. The kind of leaders where teams are built on and they empower others. John Nocero is going to share the TED talk by Drew Dudley on lollipop moments. This empowering presentation will have you understating just how much you impact others lives by your leadership.

lisa-newbergerHave you ever wondered how to develop your leadership? The highly energized Lisa Newburger ACG/ALB is going to share secrets to building an incredible team and club! You’ll learn how to get rock solid members and recruit a team that you will be proud of.


One of the most important things you can do when you give a presentation is to make it outstanding. How do you go from ordinary to extraordinary? It’s all about the planning and writing. In this program by Mike Gerrick, ACG/ALB, you will learn how to take your presentations or speeches from ordinary to extraordinary with strategic planning and writing. Learn the importance of stage time and how to connect with your audience by building in the basic emotions we all share. Learn why the best communicators tell a story. You will leave this program with the start of your own personal story file.  Don’t settle for ordinary…be Extraordinary!


All organizations are facing a shortage of effective leadership. The Toastmasters emphasis on leadership skills puts you in position to make a difference and be in high demand.  In this program led by Rick Winrod ACS/ALS you will learn how the two key components of leadership complement each other and how focusing on these two elements can make you a stronger leader.


1500 Hours:  Attend the Awards & Decorations Ceremony

awardsThere’s an old saying that if you want other people to stand and cheer for your accomplishments, then you have to be willing to stand and cheer for the accomplishments of others.

At 3:00 pm, come celebrate District 10’s newest DTM’s!  Enjoy the DTM Minting Ceremony … a major recognition event we hold to applaud your fellow Toastmasters who chose to AIM HIGH and achieve the rank of Distinguished Toastmaster.

Watch and Learn from District 10’s Best Speakers and Evaluators!

trophyThe highlight of every Spring Conference is the International Speech and Evaluation Contest!

Every Spring, dozens of District 10 Toastmasters choose to AIM HIGH and challenge themselves to be better speakers and evaluators by competing in our annual speech contests.

Immediately following the DTM Minting Ceremony on May 17th, you will witness the top speakers and evaluators from our five Division Contests compete for the coveted 1st place trophies.    You’ll witness expertly-crafted speeches and evaluations, and walk away with a new, higher standard to achieve in your own Toastmasters development.

The winner of the International Speech Contest will represent District 10 in the Semi-Finals competition at the International Convention and have a shot at competing in the famed World Championship of Public Speaking!

Aim High!  
A call to action … A response of commitment