Member Resources

Your one stop shop for meeting forms and how you can get stronger as a Toastmaster

Sravanthi's Top 15 Leadership Principles (pdf)

  • Advice from Past District 10 Director, Sravanthi Vallampati, DTM, who wrote "These are my Guiding Principles. I lean into and leverage them to be my whole self while creating in others the capacity to do the same."

How to Improve at Table Topics (pdf)

  • Discover hints and how-to's for tackling and taming your fear of Table Topics!

Pathways Paths and Projects Catalog (pdf)

  • Comprehensive details about the Pathways learning experience. Includes specific details on all 11 Paths, the 5 Levels in each Path, and descriptions of electives. 77 pages. Written by District 57 members.

Pathways: Quick Start Guide (pdf)

  • Handy summary about preparing for Pathways. Perfect for every member of Toastmasters to learn how to login and get started. (2 pages)

Pathways: Starter Packet - "The Navigator" (pdf)

  • Essential information about the Toastmasters journey and Toastmasters Pathways learning experience. Perfect for handing to new club members, and for anyone who wants to start the Pathways learning experience. (26 pages)

Pathways Paths and Core Competencies (pdf)

  • Visual overview of all 11 Paths in the Pathways learning experience and how each path maps to five core competencies. Summarizes each Path on a single page and the requirements for each of the 5 levels in each Path. (12 pages)

Toastmasters Meeting Protocol Tips (pdf)

  • Advice and recommendations for all participants in a typical Toastmasters meeting to assist in running smooth meetings.


General Evaluator Script (pdf)

  • Outline/script to follow when filling the role of General Evaluator in a club meeting.

Grammarian/Ah Counter Tally (xls)

  • Handy form to use to track use of the Word of the Day, as well as use of common filler words and phrases.

Timer Tally Sheet (xls)

  • Handy form for Timer to track timing during a meeting.