Club Resources

Branding Guidelines

Check out this video to learn how to develop your club's Toastmasters brand-compliant posts and fliers.

Also check out Toastmasters Brand Manual and Color palette

Fun Lab!

Ideas for Engaging Clubs in Online Meetings (docx)

Tools for Great Meetings (docx)

Fun Lab - Ideas from Audience (docx)


Club Quality and Success

Digital Guest Packet - link

Let your guests know what Toastmasters is all about and information about joining

How to Redeem or Purchase TI Gift Certificates (pdf)

Find out how to redeem or purchase TI Gift Certificates.

Club DCP Tracking (with Pathways) (pdf)

Track goals and progress toward points earned in the Distinguished Club Program.

Ideas to Recruit and Retain Members (pdf)

113 ideas to recruit new members, and 105 ways to retain members

Moments of Truth Chart (pdf)

Toastmasters International's Moments of Truth Chart

Open House Resources

Open Houses - Strategies for Creating Successful Events (pdf)

Overview of ways to use open houses to expose people to your club, and how to make the open house an exciting event for the attendees.

WOW Open Houses (pdf)

Learn how to develop an effective Open House to build membership for your club.

D10 Rockin' Open House (pdf)

Presentation for how to Rock your open house from the District 10 Marketing Institute, 3/26/2022.

(Open House) 40GuestsIn4Minute (pdf)

Document to help generate 40 guests in 4 minutes with help from club members - use in combination of D10 Rockin' Open House presentation from the District 10 Marketing Institute, 3/26/2022.

Toastmasters International Open House Powerpoint (powerpoint)

Use this powerpoint as is or as a starting point to showcase your club at an Open House or at any time you have guests to showcase the power of Toastmasters.

Social Media Resources

Social Media: Design Guide (pdf)

Strategies for designing social media promotions for your club.

Social Media: Facebook For Toastmasters(pdf)

Discover how to use Facebook to promote your members and your club.

Social Media: How to Sign Your Club Up (pdf)

A simple one-page step-by-step listing of how to sign up your club for

Speechcraft: An Option Worth Considering (pdf)

How to successfully use the Toastmasters Speechcraft program to teach public speaking and find new members for your club.

Successful Clubs: 9 Clubs Share Their Secrets (pdf)

When asked, "How did you build your membership?" nine clubs share their strategies, tips, and advice. Learn from these successful clubs in District 10.


Officer Resources

Secretary: Meeting Minutes Template (pdf)

Handy template any club Secretary can use for tracking details during club meetings

Sergeant-at-Arms: Checklist(doc)

One-page checklist for the Sergeant at Arms to use before and after a meeting.

Treasurer: Job Responsibilities, PayPal Resources, and Audit and Proper Use of Funds Guidelines(pdf)

A summary of all the responsibilities of the club Treasurer, including a sample Treasurer's report, and information about conducting the annual club audit.

Treasurer: Treasurers Report Template (xls)

A blank Template a Treasurer can use to prepare a club's annual budget

Treasurer: Collecting Dues Using Online Resources (pdf)

Learn the top new ways to collect member dues for your club, including using PayPal and mobile devices.

Vice President of Education: Working with Pathways Base Camp Manager (pdf)

An essential document for any Club Vice President of Education. Outlines what you need to do in Base Camp Manager to track and record your club members' progress in the Pathways program. (44 pages)

Vice President of Public Relations: Roles and Responsibilities (pptx)

Slide presentation by Molly Ketcham. Covers multiple ideas for promoting your club as Vice President of Public Relations.

Vice President of Public Relations: Internal and External PR for Your Club (pdf)

Vicky Nann's presentation offers methods of using public relations effectively to promote your club.

Vice President of Public Relations: Images for Your Website and Brand Guidelines (pdf)

Sue Woods's handy summary of design resources for your website and other promotional channels.