Patricia Spayer
District Director Nominee


Dear District 10 members,

It is my honor and privilege to run for the office of District Director.

I joined Toastmasters in 2008 as the shy, reserved member who preferred to sit in the back of the room and avoided eye contact when the Table Topics Master looked for participants. My day job is Technical Writer and Illustrator, so naturally my original response to talking was “I’m a writer, not a speaker.” Over the years, I’ve been faced with last-minute “opportunities” to speak or host a webinar. As my Toastmasters skills grew, my response changed from “I’m a writer” to “I’m a Toastmaster.”

Over the last 12 years, I’ve helped my home club reach Distinguished status or better for 11 years (seven years in a row as President’s Distinguished). I’ve also served as an Area Director, filled in ½ year as Division Director, and served this past year as Program Quality Director for District 10. I earned my DTM in 2017.

I stay in Toastmasters because I see the tremendous, positive effect that Toastmasters has on so many peoples’ lives. We may begin as the shy, reserved member, and over time step outside of our comfort zones, and blossom with our confidence. These skills we build in Toastmasters transfer to our careers, our other organizations, and our social lives.

This past year alone, I have witnessed growth in many leaders, from members who initially tentatively logged into Zoom, to now being Zoom Master at our District events. I’ve seen Area Directors who knew little about Toastmasters outside of their home clubs, grow to running online contests and rallying multiple clubs. I’ve also seen some Area Directors who not only did what was expected of them, but they stepped into assist other Areas when help was needed. I’ve also seen how the Division Directors have grown in their leadership roles, from being new Division Directors to confident coaches and leaders enhancing the skills they brought to the table and setting the stage for their teams to thrive.

It is this spirit of positive growth, members going out of their way to help one another, and steady support that drives my reason for running for District Director.

This past year has challenged us in ways that no one could imagine. I am encouraged by our new members who have joined Toastmasters, knowing nothing about meeting in person, yet seeing how Toastmasters can help them grow. I am grateful for the support that so many members have shown me. I am ready to help our District continue this positive wave of growth.

I humbly ask for your vote for Patricia Spayer, District Director.