Tracey Touma
Eastern Division Director Nominee


This coming year, I am humbled and honored to be a candidate as the Eastern Division Director.  I joined Toastmasters as a charter member of a corporate club CCAC Toastmasters March of 2018.  I had the desire to learn to communicate my message clearly, concisely and with just enough passion.  Through the years I have learned that Toastmasters is much more than communication and leadership.  Learning to give feedback, listening, organization skills, time management, meeting agendas, learning to follow-up, connecting to your audience, learning to talk impromptu, motivating and empowering others to name  just a few.  

I have participated in many district activities through area and division contests, district training and serving as Area 21 Director. I have also had club officers roles of Vice President of Public Relations and President.

My leadership style is altruistic and I am motivated, energized by seeing others success.  My favorite leadership quote is “Leadership is hard work.  Not the hard work of doing the job – it’s the hard work of learning to let go.  It’s the hard work of training people, coaching people, believing in people and trusting people.  Leadership is a human activity.”  Simon Sinek

Thank you for your consideration.