Peter Shelling
Northern Division Director Nominee


"In 2013, I - like most of you --joined Toastmasters with the idea that it could help me become a better speaker, While that goal has been realized, it was also rather short-sighted as I discovered both the breadth and depth of the full Toastmaster's experience. The goal has changed from a specific destination to a wondrous journey. The best part is the great people I have met along the way, sharing the trek-- learning, growing and challenging ourselves together." 


Speaking experience: 

  • Toastmasters DTM  DL 4 PM1 
  • Professional conferences, from local to international level (American Society of Safety Professionals, Indoor Air Quality Association)
  • As an Authorized OSHA instructor, I have delivered specific safety training to over 200 individuals.  


Leadership experience: 

  • Toastmaster’s Area director (x2)
  • Toastmaster’s Club officer (Progressively Speaking, Progressive Insurance Advanced Toastmaster’s)
  • Pathways Guide
  • Club Mentor (for CCAC) 
  • American Society of Safety Professionals Northern Ohio Chapter – every office held, currently chapter Delegate.
  • NOASSP Safety Professional of the Year 2020
  • Big Turtle II Condominium Association Board Member (Past Board President 2008-13)


  • Certified Safety Professional. Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant
  • Master of Science Environmental Safety and Health Management --University of Findlay.
  • Married with two cats