District 10 Radio Announcements – Updated

Mr. Ivan Beggs, our District 10 Public Relations Officer, has been busy working to promote Toastmasters in Northeast Ohio!

He has put together five (5) Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) about Toastmasters to be aired on local radio and TV stations.  PSA’s are about 30 seconds long and provide some information about an organization.  You probably have heard one about the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, United Way, or some other non-profit organization.

Here are five PSA’s about Toastmasters that are being sent to radio and TV stations in Northeast Ohio. Listen to them below!

Lost for Words? (36 seconds)

Your Heart Begins to Pound (32 seconds)

(NEW!) Stand Out From Everyone Else (34 seconds)

(NEW!) Lose Your Fear of Public Speaking (34 seconds)

(NEW!) Eight Months Ago (34 seconds)

Listen for these announcements on your favorite stations in the area.  When you hear one of them please send a note to publicrelations@district10.org

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3 thoughts on “District 10 Radio Announcements – Updated

  1. Hello, Ivan:

    Your PSA’s are fantastic. Great job. Short and sweet. I think your messages are super attention grabbers. People identify with the symptoms of fear, and then you say “you can breathe again”; “Toastmasters is here”. Ivan, you are going to plant a lot of seeds. Now each of us needs to approach 10 people a month and ask them if they have heard of Toastmasters. Just bring up the subject; soft sell. We have to water the seeds that you will be sowing in the days and months ahead. My goal is to bring up the subject of Toastmasters to one person a day. Simple equals 365 people in a year. Some of those seeds have to germinate or my name isn’t ‘Johnny Appleseed.’

  2. I’m with the Crystal Falls Lions Club. I would like to receive the District 10 magazine information via email.



  3. Thank you for the good examples. As a VPPR of my club, I’ve been having a challenge in crafting the right type of PSAs for radio. This certainly helps guide.

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