PayPal Links for Clubs

Joe Cook gave us a great presentation on how to use PayPal for paying Toastmasters’ dues. ¬†Here are the links he gave:

Welcome to the 21st Century!  Paypal for Toastmasters


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2 thoughts on “PayPal Links for Clubs

  1. My name is Lorenzo Hibbitts and I serve as the Keymunicators Club 9484 treasurer. I’m very interested in establishing a Pay Pal account for our club but was curios about any issues with regards to using Pay Pal (fees, technical difficulties, etc…). Any feedback you can share about the overall experience using Pay Pal would be great. Thanks.

    • Hi Lorenzo,

      PayPal has worked out well for my club, the Parker Speakeasies club 533, to collect dues, pay for items electronically, and more. The fees are small around 2.8% for collecting dues via a link on your webpage, which can be lowered to a 2.3% if you have Paypal classify your club as a non-profit. Get the 501-c3 letter from TM International and submit it to Paypal during setup of your account. If you plan to collect credit cards the fee is 3.?% and you will need to charge a convenience fee to cover.

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