Location and Date of Fall 2013 Conference Announced!

Mark your calendar for Saturday, November 9th! That’s the date of the District 10 Fall 2013 Fall Conference! The Southern Division will be the host for this event, and it will take place at Malone University in Canton, Ohio. Malone University is located at 2600 Cleveland Ave NW, Canton, OH 44709 Kim Krajci is the chairperson of the Fall…
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Kick-off Meetings, Clubs Chartering and Corporate Recognition

Hello Toastmasters, May is a busy month in District 10. There are kick-off meetings, clubs chartering and corporate recognition. The Stark State Club is meeting on Fridays and they are in the process of finalizing the paperwork. Great job Larry Allen, John David and Dan Toussant. Ariel Corporation has two Kick-off meetings planned in May. They have 71…
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A Whirlwind of Successes and Great Challenges

Greetings Fellow District 10 Toastmasters! First off, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for all of your hard work and efforts to make this year a success! It is because of your hard work and dedication to the mission and purpose of Toastmasters, we exist as a district. We are coming…
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Contest Results and Education Numbers to Date

Hello Everyone, I hope all is well as spring season is officially upon us! If you are not enjoying the weather, I know it is because you still can’t believe spring is here. Take time plan and do everything you would like because summer will be here before you know it. For those who are…
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