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Club Coaches Now Earn District Leader Credit

If you are interested in achieving DTM under the traditional educational program, or more quickly earning your Pathways DTM, a change just announced by Toastmasters International to the club coach program will make it easier. Beginning now, Toastmasters who serve as club coaches and who help their club reach distinguished status by June 30, 2019,…
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Alicia Smith-Kirk Named New District Club Growth Director

Alicia Smith-Kirk, DTM, has been appointed the new District 10 club growth director by District Director Vicky Nann. Alicia takes over for Missy Moore, who moved to Florida recently to take a new job. “I am excited to be returning to the district executive council,” said Alicia. “I know and have worked with many fellow…
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Officer Make-Up Training Schedule: Registration Open

To register: https://district10.org/registernow Are you ready for your next six months as club officer? Maybe you think that the next six months in office will be more of the same. Not at all. You’ll be finding new challenges as the second half of the year rolls around, including Membership contests Upper-level Pathways projects for your club…
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Pathways and Free Toast Host Workshop

Are you still trying to figure out how to do certain tasks in Pathways? Are you still a little reluctant to get started? – Alicia Smith-Kirk, DTM If you have questions or would like more information about Pathways, a special workshop is being offered by the Western Division. Alicia Kirk-Smith, DTM, will lead the workshop and answer…
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