Toastmasters - Northeast Ohio

A Toastmasters Meeting Play-by-Play

by Cori Arnold, PM2, Mount Vernon Club Ever listen to the commentators during a sports broadcast?  One commentator’s role is to provide the play-by-play and the other’s is to provide the commentary – quick facts, statistics, and stories.  The play-by-play commentator breaks down what is happening, how the play is unfolding, and who’s involved. If…
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Reimagine You In Spring 2022

by Cori Arnold, PM2, Mount Vernon Club It’s that time of year – Spring! 🌸 The spring season comes with many exciting things. New life emerges as the outdoors become greener. Warm sunshine accompanies our walks, and we get motivated to clean our houses.  For me, spring cleaning is an annual tradition. I don’t just clean though. I look for things I…
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2022 Is the Year for Real Goals, not just Resolutions

by Cori Arnold, PM2 It’s that time of the year – the New Year – where we make all kinds of resolutions that many of us only keep up for about a month. Instead of losing weight or making more money, what if you changed up your goal this year and decided to face your fear…
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Aim for an assignment, Advance in your DTM!
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