Volunteer Recognition & Incentive Program

Numerous volunteers make District 10 events run successfully!  We want to recognize those that give their talent and time to make us successful!  Here is a list of planned awards - become a volunteer to qualify!

$25 TI Gift Certificate

  • Public Relations Manager, Finance Manager, Administration Manager, Immediate Past District Director
  • Other District Conference Chairs (not listed below)
  • TLI Trainers (maximum 1 certificate per Trainer)
  • Volunteer of the Year

$20 TI Gift Certificate

  • Volunteer of the Month

$15 TI Gift Certificate

  • Subcommittee chairs serving under the District Director, Program Quality Director, or Club Growth Director

$10 TI Gift Certificate

  • District Speech Contest Officials (excludes Chief Judge, Judges, Ballot Counters)
  • Warm Welcome Award - consistently at district events, early/on-time, and greets people by name
  • Lightbulb Award - brings great, different, and creative ideas to district events and conversations
  • Band-Aid Award - jumps in, solves problems, and just saves the day
  • Giggle/All Smiles Award- consistently positive, smiles, and rubs off their positivity on others

$5 TI Gift Certificate

  • Non-Chair Volunteers (Any other District event or committee)

District Conference - Free Admission

  • Conference Co-Chairs
  • Conference Education Chair
  • Education Session Presenters
  • Zoom Masters

Selection of Award Recipients

  • Trio members will award subcommittee chair awards serving under them
  • Division Directors will confirm awards to those providing officer training
  • Toastmaster Volunteer of the Month and Volunteer of the Year recipients will be selected based on votes from the Top 8, Division Directors and Area Directors
  • Warm Welcome Award, Lightbulb Award, Lightbulb Award, Band-Aid Award and Giggle/All Smiles Award will be selected by Top 8, Division Directors and Area Directors
  • Non-Chair Volunteers will be selected by Top 8, Division Directors and Area Directors
  • Chief Judge, judges, and ballot counters in speech contests not eligible.
  • Program will run from November, 2021 through May, 2022.