Exceptional Leader Awards Incentive - Division Director

Program Period: July 2022 - May 2023

Manage your Division - Become an Exceptional Leader!

In addition to the incentives listed below, you receive the title "Exceptional Leader" which you can add to your portfolio

LevelDescriptionPoints to QualifyIncentive
Division Director PearlYou bring class to the title Division Director!18$20 TI Gift Certificate or equivalent gift
Division Director RubyYou are a rare and cherished gem in leading your division!28$40 TI Gift Certificate or equivalent gift
Division Director DiamondYou are a brilliant star in leading your division to success!36$75 TI Gift Certificate or equivalent gift basket
Two Division Council Meetings2
Division Speech Contest4
Two Division Make-Up TLIs5
Division Newsletters1 each (max 10)^
60% District Council Members Attend April 28th DCM (Pres/VPEd)2
Area Success Plans (by April 30th)1 each^
30% of Division’s Clubs are Distinguished (by May 15th)5
Division Success Plan (by May 15th)2^
Three Area Leadership Team Members1 each (max 3)^
Fall/Spring Area Director Report Summaries1 each Area^
^Submit to District Director per process