The District’s Nominated Candidates for the 2020-2021 Toastmasters year are:

District Director: Alicia Smith-Kirk

Program Quality Director: Tricia Spayer

Club Growth Director: Bob Churilla, Victoria Moore

Div C Director: Emmanuel Agbovi, Catherine Peterson

Div E Director: Preeti Venkataramani

Div N Director: Deborah Bonner, Rachel Kresge, Sandra Orland - WITHDRAWN

Div S Director: Ryan Tomcko

Div W Director: Bill McGee - WITHDRAWN,  Mark Meisner

Here is what they have to say :

District Director: Alicia Smith-Kirk, DTM

Alicia Smith Kirk

District Director Nominee

"To My Fellow Toastmasters of District 10,

I joined Toastmasters 8 years ago in 2012 to become a better communicator and better leader. Over the past several years, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with Toastmasters from all over our district by volunteering to be on different district teams and leading different district initiatives. These experiences are where the true learning began. Learning to serve on teams and lead teams with different people who had different ideas brought about innovative solutions. "

Tricia Spayer, DTM, PQD

Tricia Spayer

Program Quality Director Nominee

"I've heard the description of a Program Quality Director (PQD) as being "Vice President Education on Steroids." Since VP Education is my favorite Toastmasters role, the PQD office called to me. I have a strong understanding of the Toastmasters educational program, contests, and training resources, and am committed to helping YOU find and understand them better."

Club Growth Director: Bob Churilla, DTM

Bob Churilla

Club Growth Director Nominee

"I am privileged to be a candidate for the District 10 Club Growth Director position. I originally joined Toastmasters in 2005 and since 2016 have been active in a number of Toastmasters Clubs. These clubs are Twinspirations, Independently Speaking and Westside Advanced Toastmasters. I have served in a number of officer roles including: President, Vice President of Membership and Vice President of Public Relations. Beginning in 2017, I have been active at the District 10 level."

Victoria Moore

Victoria Moore

Club Growth Director Nominee

"As Club Growth Director I plan on building and leading a team of leaders that will help the district achieve Select Distinguished District with at least 45% of club base is distinguished, net membership payments growth by at least 5% and a net overall club increase is at least 5%. By December of 2020 we will achieve this level of success by selecting, training and building a team to generate interest, continuity, accountability and enthusiasm leveraging technology to increase participation and enhance club flexibility.  "

Central Division Director: Emmanuel Agbovi, ACG, ALB

Emmanuel Agbovi

Central Division Director Nominee

"Growing up in Africa has taught me the importance of family and the meaning of community.  Life wasn’t easy but one constant was the sense of togetherness.  There is a saying in Africa, “a family is like a forest, when you are outside looking in, it is dense, but when you are inside you see that each tree has its place and contributes to the growth and development.”  Toastmasters International, especially our District 10, has become like a forest for me and for that reason I decided to join this esteemed group of candidates as our Central Division Director. "

Div S Director: Catherine Peterson

Catherine Peterson

Central Division Director Nominee

"My name is Kathie Peterson, and I want to be your next Central Division Director. I have been a toastmaster for nearly six years, and love sharing the knowledge and lessons I have learned with those around me. I was born and raised in NE Ohio, working as a professional theatre technician and performer throughout the 90’s.  What I enjoyed about this was connecting with audiences and making them smile. This is also what I love about Toastmasters."

Eastern Division Director: Preeti Venkataramani, SR3

Preeti Venkataramani

Eastern Division Director Nominee

"My personal philosophy is to leave a place better than you found it. I look at leadership through that lens too. We have all joined Toastmasters to learn and grow. As a leader, I intend to first recognize what flavor of growth a member is seeking, and then help accelerate that. I wish to serve District 10 such that, it brings out the best in members, creates great team synergy, and foster a thriving, stellar culture."

Div N Director: Deborah Bonner

Deborah Bonner

Northern Division Director Nominee

"It is an honor to be a candidate for the Northern Division Director 2020-2021. It is my desire to continue my service of the Northern Division; I am currently serving as the Area 52 Director 2019-2020. I was Area 54 Governor 2013-2014 and Area 53 Governor 2014-2015. I have become familiar with many of the clubs and their members throughout the years through club visits, officer trainings, and contests."

Northern Divsion Director: Rachel Kresge, DTM

Rachel Kresge

Northern Division Director Nominee

"I am inspired by successful marketing tactics, communications strategies, or corporate training efforts, particularly those that allow individuals and teams to take meaningful positive action and change their life or business for the better.  That’s probably why I love staying involved in Toastmasters. The skills, experience and confidence I’ve developed in my time in Toastmasters has made my decision to join one of the  best of my life. Its impact on my ability to act and lead both in and outside of my home club is  second to none. "

Southern Division Director: Ryan Tomcko, EC4

Ryan Tomcko

Southern Division Director Nominee

"Since joining Toastmasters in 2018 I have grown in many ways and have truly benefited from Toastmasters professionally as well as personally. As the Southern Division Director, my goal would be to help the Area Directors of the Southern Division, and their clubs, achieve the same level of fulfillment that I have received in my time with the organization. With positive communication and effective leadership, I believe I can continue to help the clubs of the Southern Division develop and inspire strong leaders, as we continue to support our District."

Western Division DIrector: Mark Meisner, IP2

Mark Meisner

Western Division Director Nominee

"This coming year I am a candidate to serve as the Western Division Director. What an opportunity! I joined Toastmasters for more than five years ago. Like so many new members, I sought out Toastmasters for a quick fix, and here a am today still growing, learning, and contributing to the Organization. My profession as an Engineering Program Manager requires a great deal of organization, collaboration with attention to detail. I have been able to leverage these skills towards serving in many roles and actively participating in various programs at Toastmasters."




District Leadership Committee, District 10 2019-2020

Vicky Nann, DTM, Chair
Kathy Hammond, DTM, Central Division
Mark Timm, DTM, Eastern Division
Martin Cole, DL1, Northern Division
Michele LaBasi, DTM, Southern Division
Anna Ho, DL1, Western Division