Welcome to the 2021 District 10 Virtual Conference!

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Empowering Diverse Voices: Every Voice Counts


Thursday April 22:  Annual District Council Meeting: 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Friday April 23: Friday Night Fun! 5:30pm - 8:00pm

Saturday April 24: Are You Ready to Embrace YOUR Voice? Conference: 9:00am - 3:45pm

Sunday April 25: District 10 Tall Tales Contest and International Speech Contest 1:00pm - 5:00pm

All events are FREE!

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Meet our Keynote Speaker

Dr. Benjamin Wayo

Finalist in the 2020 World Championship of Public Speaking

Dr. Benjamin Wayo is a passionate and prolific speaker, trainer, and facilitator with a firm belief in the power of words to change the world.

He is an award-winning Inspirational Speaker, two time (2019 & 2020) West & Central African Champion of Public Speaking, and finalist at the 2020 World Championship of Public Speaking.

Dr. Wayo is a proud member of Apo Hill Diamonds Club in Nigeria, West Africa in District 94.

He loves family, children, speaking, and connecting with people and spreading the message of the power of finding our individual voices.

He is also a Veterinary Surgeon & Research Scientist.

Dr. Wayo is married to Julia, and is a father of 2 lovely children.

Watch Dr. Wayo's 2020 Semi-Finals speech below!

Doctor Benjamin Wayo

Keynote Speech: The Power in 'WE'

Despite the growing evidence of our similarities, people continue to try to divide us and class us into groups in order to keep us apart. Despite the reality of our differences, nothing can change the reality of what we share inside. Despite the differences in our languages and outlook, we all understand humor, inspiration, pain and love.

These shared experiences (similar, yet diverse in scope) can be the key to greater understanding, cooperation and productivity as a community. What a beautiful diverse world it would be if we had outlets and platforms so that everyone could be heard.  Words bring us together! 

Your 2021 Conference Co-Chairs:

Joy Jones

Joy Jones

Merkisha Rush

Merkisha Rush, DL3