District 10 News | September 2018 Issue

Meet Our Leaders


Vicky Nann, District Director, 2018-2019

Vicky Nann, District Director

Where are you in your Toastmasters journey? What opportunities await you on the road that lies ahead? What would you discover about yourself if you were to say “yes” to a chance to lead and serve? What could a mentor help you discover in yourself?

I encourage you this Toastmasters year to envision a goal, and take those next steps, no matter how tentative. Find a mentor. Be a mentor. Say “yes” to the opportunities that lie before you. Be distinguished — or Distinguished — in the way that’s best for you. Read Vicky’s Message from the District Director.

Vicky Nann, a Toastmaster since 2000, is a member of Medina Toastmasters and four other clubs. She has served the district previously as program quality director, club growth director, district public relations manager, and Eastern Division governor.

Vicky Nann, District Director, 2018-2019

Missy Moore, Club Growth Director

I’m Missy Moore, 2-time DTM. My role in the district is club growth director. My objective is to help grow the district by finding prospective new clubs, keeping great clubs motivated and retaining their members, and finding new ways to encourage and inspire clubs that are struggling by providing energetic club coaches. The district has lost some clubs, and even though the previous club growth director did a phenomenal job of adding new clubs, the number of new clubs didn’t offset the number of clubs the district lost. My goal is to pick up with the current leads to build on to the district as well as get some inspiring coaches in struggling clubs in order to retain existing clubs. I feel District 10’s future has a great outlook.

Missy Moore is a member of the Bridgestone Firestone Toastmasters club in Akron. She has been a Toastmaster since 2005.

Vicky Nann, District Director, 2018-2019

Sravanthi Vallampati, Program Quality Director
Greetings, fellow toastmasters!

As your Program Quality Director, I am committed to organizing and supporting education, training, contests, the spring conference and other value-added opportunities that will give all of us in District 10 the skills, information, and inspiration we need to make make our clubs successful and help our members achieve personal and professional growth with an air of informed self-confidence. In addition to my core responsibilities, I plan to also focus efforts on the following two objectives, which will be critical to retaining members and building a pipeline for new ones: 1. Continue to enhance and support the Pathways learning experience and 2. Pilot and establish Youth Leadership Programs in all divisions. I am excited to work with my peers in the DEC and so many of you talented Toastmasters in District 10 to do what we set out to do as a team—excellence! I know I cannot accomplish anything significant alone, so I ask for your support and promise to stay accessible, aware, and inspired in your service.

Fun Fact

Fun Fact


Distinguished Toastmaster Corner

Vicky Nann, District Director, 2018-2019

Toastmasters who want to move and improve: Connect with District 10’s DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) Chair, Charles Kramer. He will help you advance your skills and move to the next level!

“You will get encouragement, guidance, and counseling in your journey through the projects needed to reach the DTM award.” Learn more

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Vicky Nann, District Director, 2018-2019

October 27, 2018 | Marketing Institute
Do you want ideas for how to promote your club, attract guests, and retain members? You’ll get lots of ideas at the Marketing Institute. You don’t want to miss this free training. Mark your calendars; more information coming soon!

December 8, 2018 | Second Toastmasters Leadership Institute
Mark your calendar for the second round of officer training. Interesting and useful training sessions are being planned. Remember, officers need to be trained two times during the Toastmasters’ year in order to receive the DCP point for officer training.

May 10-11, 2018 | Annual District 10 Conference and Speech Contests
Our (now) annual contest will be held at Walsh University in Canton, Ohio. Save the date!

District Updates

District Updates

Speech Contests

Fall Speech Event. In lieu of the fall speech contest season, District 10 will hold a special Speech Event to keep up the excitement of speech contests. Details will be coming your way soon. Do you want to help plan the event? Contact programquality@district10.org.

Annual Speech Contests. Speech contests will be held only once per year now. The contests are International and Evaluation. Competitors will still begin at the club level and then move to the area, division, and district competition. District winners of the International competition will still advance to the International competition. Club contests, however, begin much earlier than in the past.

Contest Timeline for 2018-2019

  • Club: September 1 – December 15
  • Area: January 1 – March 9
  • Division: March 18 – April 30

Pathways Pointers

Still Have Pathways Questions? Support Is Coming!

As the new Pathways Education Chair for District 10, Bill Simpson, DTM, is making plans to help us all get the most out of Pathways. Read about them here.

Pathways Basics

How does Base Camp know you’ve completed project 1?

You need to complete the post-assessment. It’s the same for project 2 and 3. Complete the post-assessments, and the projects will be marked complete.

Vicky Nann, District Director, 2018-2019

Base Camp Managers

What steps do you need to take when a member completes a level?

You need to do 2 things. First, look for the member’s pending request for approval in Base Camp. You may approve the request or deny it, but if you deny it you should have definite reason for believing the request should be denied and you must include your reason when you enter the denial. Second, if you approve the Level completion, submit the achievement in Club Central. With step 2, the achievement is credited toward your club’s Distinguished Club points.

Note that if any of your members are in more than one club, their requests for approval of level completion will be sent to all clubs in which they are members. Any of the clubs may approve, but before submitting the achievement in Club Central, be sure to check with the member to be sure which club he or she wants the achievement to be associated with. DCP credit will only go to one club.



Educational Awards | July – August 2018

Help Wanted

Help Wanted!

  • Chair + committee members to organize a fall “speech event.” Contact programquality@district10.org.
  • Website graphics. Contact publicrelations@district10.org.
  • District Mentoring Chair. This person will help match experienced Toastmasters up with members of brand new clubs for one-on-one new-member mentoring. Mentoring can be done remotely (via Skype, for example, or phone). Contact districtdirector@district10.org.
  • Videotaping services for the district speech contest in the spring. This is straightforward recording – no editing, music, subtitles. Just plain recording. Requirements can be found on page 15 of the 2018 Rulebook. Contact districtdirector@district10.org.

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