District 10 News | June 2019 Issue

From the District Director

Celebrate the Victories, Large and Small

As the Toastmasters year draws to an end, it’s a good time to look back.

Perhaps you’ll look back to where you were a year ago. You’ll think about the Toastmasters projects you’ve completed, the challenges you faced, and how much you’ve grown.

I hope that you gained skills, made friends, and discovered that you can achieve more than you’d thought possible.

When I look back on this past year, I’m so grateful to the leaders throughout our organization who strove to help us reach shared goals. Program Quality Director Sravanthi Vallampati and Club Growth Director Alicia Smith-Kirk have worked hard—and continue to work hard—to support our members and our clubs. Their cheerfulness and dedication have meant the world to me.

Vicky Nann, District Director, 2018-2019
Vicky Nann, District Director, 2018-2019

Our district executive committee members—our division directors, area directors, finance manager, administration manager, and public relations manager, plus our immediate past district director—have tirelessly worked to serve our clubs.

It hasn’t always been easy. Changes over which we had no control were introduced early in the Toastmasters year, and districts around the world scrambled to cope. The elimination of the fall conference and contests, the switch from an in-person fall district council meeting to a virtual meeting, earlier deadlines for administrative requirements… these were just some of the changes that our team of volunteer district leaders faced. Throw in the ongoing shift to a new education program, and you’ve got the makings of something that could have become chaos—but didn’t. And it didn’t, because of our strong leadership team.

To the leaders throughout our district, I extend my deepest gratitude. Whether you are a DEC member, a club officer, or a behind-the-scenes person who mentors and supports, you are precious to our district—and to me.

When our current international director, Carol Prahinski, was our region advisor, she encouraged us to celebrate our small victories. That’s excellent advice, especially in times of change. We can lose sight of the little achievements against the backdrop of transition.

So as this Toastmasters year draws to an end, let’s remember to celebrate our achievements: the education awards earned, the new members recruited, the contests that were held—even the small achievement of uttering fewer ums and ahs during your last speech than in the one before that!

Celebrate the smiles and encouragement, the kind words, and the thoughtfulness.

Thank you for all you’ve done to spread the benefits of Toastmasters, and thank you for allowing me the honor of serving you and our district.


Congratulations to Next Year’s District Trio!

  • District Director: Sravanthi Vallampati
  • Program Quality Director: Alicia Smith-Kirk
  • Club Growth Director: Jolyn Brown

Familiar Face Is Next Region 6 Advisor

Jenilee Taylor, DTM
Jenilee Taylor, DTM

Where do you go after serving as area director, division director, and district director? If you’re Jenilee Taylor, you go up another level, to region director. Jenilee was selected to be one of two region advisors in Region 6 next year. She will be supporting a region that includes Districts 10, 11, 13, and 63. That’s a huge geographical scope that covers Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, half of Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and a bit of Maryland. Together, these districts comprise more than 400 Toastmasters clubs! Read more about how Jenilee got the job and what she will be doing next year.

Fun Fact

Fun Fact


Distinguished Toastmaster Corner

Vicky Nann, District Director, 2018-2019

Eighteen—18!—Toastmasters achieved their DTM and received their medals at the district conference!

Congratulations, DTMs!

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Vicky Nann, District Director, 2018-2019

Officer Training at the Toastmasters Leadership Institute

Saturday, June 15 from 8:30 a.m. until noon (breakfast at 7:30)
Progressive Insurance Clubhouse (Campus 2)
300 N Commons Blvd, Mayfield Village, OH 44143

Please register to help us plan better. Walk-ins are still welcome.

Officer training helps you and your club in many ways!

  • Understand club officer roles and responsibilities
  • Earn the club credit toward the Distinguished Club Program Goal #9 for the 2019-2020 Toastmasters year
  • Meet interesting people and share ideas
  • Besides that, it’s FREE and we serve you breakfast and inspiration!
District Updates

District Updates


Be My Guest Cards

Have you seen the new Be My Guest business cards? Your club should have received these by now from your area director. If you haven’t gotten them, check with your area director.

You can use these to invite new people to your club. Need ideas for using the cards? Check out these suggestions!


“We Miss You” Postcards

Your club should have received its box of We Miss You postcards from your area director.

Use these to contact former members and invite them back to your club. Reaching out to former Toastmasters with these postcards has proven to be very effective in other districts.

If you haven’t gotten your postcards, check with your area director.


Beat the Clock Toastmasters Membership Campaign

May 1, 2019–June 30, 2019

If your club adds five new, dual, or reinstated members with a join date between May 1 and June 30, you’ll receive a special “Beat the Clock” ribbon to display on your club’s banner and a discount code for 10 percent off your next club order from the Toastmasters International store. Clubs that achieve the goal will also receive a set of officer pins from District 10. See details.


Pathways Pointers

Pathways Basics

Need a handy snapshot of the projects in your path? Check out this overview. And of course, there is the awesome Pathways catalog, which lists every project for every path and describes the requirements for every project.

Base Camp Managers

When do you deny approval for a Pathways project? The only time you should deny approval for a level completion request is if you cannot verify that the Toastmaster completed all the tasks for the project. Never assess the “quality” of the tasks or require tasks to be redone. If the Toastmaster did the tasks for the project, no matter how well they did it in your opinion, you should approve completion requests.

Vicky Nann, District Director, 2018-2019
Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed


Club Coaches Needed for Struggling Clubs

Do you know what it takes to make a Toastmasters club thrive? Share your valuable expertise with a club that has requested a club coach. You can help clubs build membership and learn how to rock the DCP. You’ll earn credit toward DTM too. Remember, club coaches earn district leadership credit–that is, until 2020, serving as club coach will fulfill 2 requirements for DTM. Also District 10 will award a set of officer pins to clubs that achieve distinguished status while working with a coach. Read about it here!

If you are interest in being a club coach, contact Club Growth Director, Alicia Smith-Kirk.

Club Mentors Needed for Newly Chartered Clubs

Are you interested in being a club mentor? You can help newly formed clubs form a firm foundation for success and earn credit toward DTM in the traditional education program. Contact club quality chair Sharon Stadul.

06_Evaluations_LR (1)


Educational Awards | April 15, 2019–June 6, 2019

Ales, Rick A—CC
Armstrong, Matthew David—IP1
Bruner, George L.—IP1, IP2, IP3, IP4
Buchanan, Carlton H—CC
Chamberlain, Craig D.—SR1
Christian, Happy Love—EC3
Churilla, Robert J.—IP1
Colbeck, Greg—IP1, IP2
Curry, Michael G.—PM2
Danko, Gregory K.—IP3, IP4, PM5
Davidson, Sara A—PM4
Debell, Louise—IP3
Dedor, Catherine L—DL2
DeMuth, Jessica Corinne—ACG
Dupati, Satish—IP3
Edmonds, Soraya—MS1
Farrell, Kendra Lynn—IP1
Ferris, Patty—PM2
Force, Dale A.—ACS
Gall, Korey Erik—EC1
Green, David—ALS, ACG, LDREXC, DTM
Grozdanovski, Kiril—PI1, PI2
Hain, Brad S—CC
Harker, BeckyAnn—TC3
Harman, Marilyn S.—ACB, ALB
Harris, Ray Austin—VC2
Harris-Battle, Kathleen A—CC
Heidenreich, Tammy Crisboi—PM1
Hershberger, Wayne—PI2
Jauch, Joanne Jacqueline—VC2
Jayaseelan, Vimalraj Aseer—ACB
Jepsen, Karen Abel—VC1m VC2
Johnson-Kea, Ta’Tanisha J.—EC1
Jones, Brian M.—DL2
Kavouras, John—LDREXC, ACG
Kertoy, Jenna—PM1, PM2
Kleptach, Amy—CL, ACB
Kolesova, Hana—IP1, IP2
Komidar, Donna Lynn—EC3
Kramer, Charles—PM5, LDREXC
Kresge, Rachel A. M.—ACG, DTM

LaBasi, Michele M.—ACB
Liu, Yi—IP1
Lofreso, Dominic—PM1, PM2
Madamshetti, Vikram—IP1
Marcus, Larry P.—PM1
McCally, Diane E—DL4, DL5
McKee, Roberta—PM3
McLellan, Donald M—SR1
Mistry, Kuldeep Mistry—PM1, PM2, PM3
Mongeon Quill, Marilyn—LDREXC
Moore, Mark Wesley—MS2
Mumford, Shaw—VC1
Myers, Ashley A—PM2
Nann, Victoria Z.—DL3, DL4
Oberly, Nathaniel—DL2
Odle, Brooke Marie—CL
Perez, Luis M—CC
Ray, Kathleen Marie—LD2
Rose, Velma—IP1
Ross, Danielle—IP3
Rutkowski, Rachael—CC
Scarmuzzi, Donald Francis—DL1
Scheuvront, Angela R.—CC
Sears, Michael Glenn—TC2
Shelling, Peter A.—DTM
Simon, Laura—LDREXC
Simpson, Sara L—SR1
Stadul, Sharon M—EH1, EC3, VC5
Stetz, Martin L—IP1
Storrs, Tyretta M—MS1
Tarter, William Clifford—ACS
Taylor, Lenard—VC3
Timm, Mark A.—IP1
Tomcko, Ryan Steven—EC2
Tonniges, Jeffrey R.—SR2
Touma, Tracey L.—EC2
Turcovsky, Greg D.—DL1
Voigt, Valerie—CC
Wayne, Maria E.—MS2
William, annie—VC1
Winokur, Allison L—TC1

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