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Alicia Smith-Kirk, DTM

District 10’s New Club Growth Director

Alicia Smith-Kirk, DTM, has been appointed the new District 10 club growth director by District Director Vicky Nann. Alicia takes over for Missy Moore, who moved to Florida recently to take a new job. “I am excited to be returning to the district executive council,” said Alicia. “I know and have worked with many fellow Toastmasters in District 10, club officers, and district leaders over the years and recognize how dedicated you are to serving our members throughout the district. It is an honor to serve our district in the appointed position of club growth director.” Read more…

Vicky Nann, District Director, 2018-2019
From the District Director

Looking Good!

Getting in shape seems to be on everyone’s to-do list at this time of year. Ads for weight-loss products, gym memberships, and workout equipment abound—on TV, online, on the radio. Name the medium, and if it accepts ads, you’re sure to see a vendor pitching something to make us feel and look better. When the new year begins, so do the resolutions.

But how many of those resolutions stick? Not many. According to US News & World Report, by February, 80 percent of those of us who have made fitness goals and other resolutions have given up.

People aren’t the only ones who set fitness goals. Our Toastmasters district does, too.

Vicky Nann, District Director, 2018-2019
Vicky Nann, District Director, 2018-2019

Here’s good news: At our midyear point—the Toastmasters year began July 1—our district is looking good.

Just a few months ago, we were in the bottom 20 percent of all districts world-wide. We have now jumped to the top half in payment growth, and into the top third in club growth. Over 400 education awards have been earned so far this Toastmasters year, over half in Pathways.

We still have a way to go to be super fit—Distinguished—but we’re making good progress. I am confident that we’re on the path to being a Distinguished district.

International president and “golden lady” Lark Doley urges us to go for the GOLD. “This requires that we set Goals—as a member, club officer or area, division, district, region or international leader,” said Lark in a recent issue of Toastmaster. “Then we must Organize ourselves with a plan of action. By executing our plan, we will learn. Learning is a continuous process in our organization. With Dedication to our goals, an organized plan and learning, we will deliver results for ourselves, our clubs, our districts and our global organization.”

Going for the GOLD is doable. We’re doing it right now, and we’re seeing the results. Thank you for all you do to encourage and support your fellow Toastmasters and your club—and for the commitment to reach your own personal communication and leadership goals. We’re looking good because you’re looking good.

Fun Fact

Fun Fact


Distinguished Toastmaster Corner

Vicky Nann, District Director, 2018-2019

Since the start of the Toastmasters year, eight Toastmasters have achieved their DTM! How many will complete theirs in the second half? If you are in need of being mentored, or can be a mentor, please contact Charles Kramer, DTM Chair by email or (330) 552-1804 to discuss this opportunity.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Vicky Nann, District Director, 2018-2019

Uncover the Leader within You
January 27, 2019

Grow as a leader! Join us for a special session presented by International Director Carol Prahinski. Carol will guide you to confront your future with creative thinking. In this two-hour workshop, you will learn how to:
Tackle the big changes with new thinking
Develop and practice new behaviors
Invest in your future—and stay engaged now
Make an impact on your organization
Prepare for what is next. Can your team succeed without you? Learn more and RSVP.

Officer Make-Up Training
Find the nearest training location and date here.

Talk Up Toastmasters Membership Campaign
February 1, 2019–March 31, 2019
If your club adds five new, dual, or reinstated members with a join date between February 1 and March 31, you’ll receive a special “Talk up Toastmasters” ribbon to display on your club’s banner and a discount code for 10 percent off your next club order from the Toastmasters International store. You may also earn a District incentive. See details.

Marketing Institute II
March 30, 2019
District 10 will host a second Marketing Institute from 8 am–12 noon at Kent State University. Stay tuned for more details about how you can grow your club with tips and tricks from experienced Toastmasters!

District Updates

District Updates

Welcome to Our Four New Clubs!
  • Elite Voices
  • Power Talk
  • Great Communicators
  • Pacesetters

Club Coaches Earn District Leadership Credit
Read about it!
If you are interest in being a club coach, contact Club Growth Director, Alicia Smith-Kirk. If you have questions about earning the DTM, contact DTM Mentoring Chair, Charles Kramer.

Corporate Recognition Award—National Interstate Insurance Company
On Monday, January 28, National Interstate Insurance Company will be recognized by Toastmasters International and District 10 for the company’s outstanding support of our Toastmasters communication and leadership programs. The award is presented to at most two organizations each year. Congratulations to National Interstate Insurance and the Toastmasters of National Interstate!


Club Mentors Needed for Newly Chartered Clubs

Are you interested in being a club mentor? You can help newly formed clubs form a firm foundation for success and earn credit toward DTM in the traditional education program. Contact club quality chair Sharon Stadul.


Pathways Pointers

Pathways Basics

The Pathways Navigator has been updated substantially on Toastmasters.org—it is organized by topic and tasks, so looking up information got much easier. Go to Base Camp, and click on “Navigating Base Camp.”

Base Camp Managers

If new officers have been elected, make sure your officer list is updated on Toastmaster.org. Only those who are listed as the club’s VP education, president, or secretary will have access to the Base Camp Manager dashboard.

Vicky Nann, District Director, 2018-2019


Educational Awards | November 13, 2018–January 16, 2019

Agbovi, Emmanuel K—ACB
Banonis, Ron V.—PI2
Bassett, Alysia Marie—IP4
Bishop, Denica—ACB
Bobrosky, Amy E—IP3
Brillhart, Ashley E.—PM1
Brown-Redic, Jolyn T.—DL1, LDREXC
Chao, Cindy—DL1, DL2
Chappell-Nettles, Jeannette—PM1
Chavez, Alex—CC
Chestnutt, Kristen Renee—LD2
Christian, Happy Love—EC1, EC2
Colwell, Alex M.—EC1
Converse, Eric—PM1
Csaky, Daniel B—ALB
Dahnke, Aaron—PI2
Danko, Gregory K.—PM2, PM3, CL
Davidson, Sara A—PM3
Davis, Jan L—SR2
Debell, Louise—IP1, IP2
Dedor, Catherine L—DL1
Dittoe, James S.—PM1, PM2, PM3
Dolsen, Michael A.—ACB
Dressler, Scott D.—CC
Dukles, Marc Alan—DL2
Dupati, Satish—IP2
Eastwood, Ceola Trinity—CC
Edwards, Judith A.—SR1, SR2, SR3, SR4
Fitzpatrick, John—CL
Goldsmith, Larry L.—ALS
Johnson, Brenda—CC
Johnson, Danay—IP2
Jones, Audrey Tyler—CC
Kareem, Basim—VC1
Kaser, Jim Earl—LD1
King, Erin M.—CC
Kramer, Charles—PM3, PM4, PI3, LDREXC
Kula, Gregory Benjamin—CC
Kyser, Kelly Anne—CL
LaBasi, Michele M.—MS1, MS2, MS3, CC

Laws, Steve Bolton—PM1
Ledwidge, Peaches—IP1, IP2
Mandujano, Eduardo J.—IP1
McGee, William R.—PM3
Miller, Allison M.—PM1
Miller, Michael Carl—CL
Mullett, Jeffrey Kemper—PM1
Nann, Victoria Z.—CC
Newton, Sara Elizabeth—TC2
Niswender, Christine—IP2
Pirogowicz, Joshua D.—CL
Porrello, Mark A.—CL
Raber, Mark Otis—PM4
Redrick, Veda—DL1
Reusser, Monica R.—ALS
Rice, Keith—PM1
Riley, Sabreena A—CC
Rodriguez, Andres—CC
Sanford, Ursula J.—ACB, CL
Sears, Michael Glenn—TC1
Shelling, Peter A.—DL1, DL2, ACG
Shepherd, Karen R—IP1
Shijo, Raymond Edward—CC
Simon, Laura—IP3, IP4
Simon, Laura—IP3
Smith-Kirk, Alicia—DL4
Spayer, Patricia O.—DL2, IP1
Spreitzer, Megan—LD1
Stadul, Sharon M—PM4, CC
Taggart, Jennifer C.—VC1
Tonniges, Jeffrey R.—SR1
Tracey, Dawn—CC
Turner, Rosita J.—CC
Venkataramani, Preeti—SR1
Walden, Angie Marie—MS1
Wayne, Maria E.—MS1
Wilcox, Larry D—ALB
Williams, Jessica A—PI1
Yaros, Jennifer Jean—EC1

Help Wanted

Help Wanted!

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