Meet the Team - District 10 Leadership

District 10 Trio

The Trio is responsible for carrying out the District Mission: "We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence."

Club Growth Director: Bob Churilla, DTM

Bob Churilla, DTM
District Director

Sandra Orland

Sandra Orland, DTM
Program Quality Director


Andrea Wells, PM5, LD5, SR2
Club Growth Director

Top 7 Leaders (other than Trio)

Lenroy Jones

Lenroy Jones, DTM
Public Relations Manager

Eastern Division Director: Preeti Venkataramani, SR3

Preeti Venkataramani, CC, CL, SR5
Finance Manager

Area 40 Director: Emily Szabo,

Emily Szabo, PM3
Administration Manager


(Logistics Manager)
Logistics Manager - Open

Division Directors

Division Directors oversee Area Directors and all clubs within their Divisions

Selena Mallory, PM2, Northern Division Director

Selena Mallory, PM3
Northern Division Director


Norberto Flores, DTM
Central Division Director

Diane Jackson

Diane Jackson, EC5, MS1
Eastern Division Director

Larry Goldsmith, DTM, Southern Division Director

Larry Goldsmith, DTM
Southern Division Director

Bill McGee

Bill McGee, DTM
Western Division Director

Area Directors

Area Directors serve as the direct liaison between the District and the clubs.  They conduct club visits twice a year within their respective areas to understand and support club needs. In turn, these visits help District leaders understand how to support and meet the needs of each club.

Central Division Area Directors


Merkisha Rush
Area 10 Director


Joe Pannitto
Area 11 Director

Javier Diaz headshot

Javier Diaz
Area 12 Director

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Sangeeta Teegala
Area 13 Director

Maureen Bachman

Maureen Bachmann
Area 14 Director

Eastern Division Area Directors

photo of Kathleen Pennell

Kathleen Pennell
Area 20 Director

Angela D Ventura

Angela Ventura
Area 21 Director

Area 23 Director: Zahira Suddeth,

Zahira Suddeth
Area 22 Director


Karen Gabrielse
Area 23 Director

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Joseph Javorsky
Area 24 Director

Northern Division Area Directors

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Mary Hillen
Area 50 Director

where leaders are made

Area 51 Director


Suchita Rajan
Area 52 Director


Greg Danko
Area 53 Director

Southern Division Area Directors

where leaders are made

Area Director
Area 30 Director

where leaders are made

Area Director
Area 31 Director

where leaders are made

Area Director
Area 32 Director

Western Division Area Directors


Sugata Chattergee
Area 40 Director


Susan Russell
Area 41 Director

where leaders are made

Louise DeBell
Area 42 Director


Mary Anne Burrows
Area 43 Director

Other Team Members

Patricia Spayer, DTM, District Director Elect

Tricia Spayer, DTM
Immediate Past District Director

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Looking for a new challenge?

District 10 has myriad opportunities for you to build your skills in leadership and public speaking. Apply these opportunities to your Pathways projects!

Opportunities available for tiny tasks as well as larger projects. Let us know your interests, and we'll match the opportunities to your needs.