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Letter from the District Director

District Director Jenilee Taylor on how to keep the momentum going

LGETJenileeLet’s talk about the concept of momentum. What is it? Well, we could consider the scientific measure, which is p (momentum) = mass (m) times velocity (v).

This scientific measurement is, of course, not the kind of momentum that applies to Toastmasters. My non-scientific definition of momentum is when a team, consistently and with increasing speed, successfully achieves goals. It is apparent– you can feel the change, like the winds turning from a headwind to a tailwind, or walking uphill turning to walking downhill.

What is also common in momentum is that confidence grows as success breeds more success. Unfortunately, momentum can be lost as rapidly as it is created – as the movement or achievement of goals slows down and maybe grinds to a halt. Unlike the scientific formula, it is hard to measure momentum in Toastmasters, but you can feel when you have it and when you lose it.

What creates momentum in District 10? I believe it is two things: a great strategy and then executing on the strategy with an organized and talented TEAM. Someone once said, “First you build your wave, then you ride it.”

As we approach 2016, District 10 has momentum. In the past few years we have made remarkable strides in growth and educational excellence. Together, we created strategies, and together we have executed on the strategies. District 10 has a culture of teamwork and performance. The results are impressive.

Now it is up to us to continue the momentum by achieving our goals in 2016.

Thanks in advance for your hard work and dedication, and thanks for continuing the momentum!

Jenilee Taylor, DTM

Membership numbers lagging?

toastmasters open houseBuilding membership is a challenge for many Toastmasters clubs. District 10 offers a unique opportunity to learn how to boost membership. Join your fellow Toastmasters at the District 10 2015 Marketing Institute on December 12, from 8 a.m. until noon at the Venue South Event Center in Richfield. The event is FREE and breakfast is included!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Promote your club within the local community
  • Hold results-generating open houses
  • Utilize FREE marketing materials
  • And much more!

Toastmasters International Region 6 Advisor Randie Jacobs will be our special guest presenter. Local Toastmasters speakers are also on the agenda.

Register at

Using Meet Up to attract guests

meetupDid you know that District 10 offers a special FREE Meet Up opportunity for clubs to use to attract guests? Visit`Ohio-Toastmasters/

and then contact Toastmaster Kim Krajci, DTM, at for details about how your club can increase its profile through Meet Up.

New Club News

newA new advanced club is forming!  This club will be based on the job seeker seminar that was held in November.The club will meet once a month in the Independence area and will focus on career management.  Speeches and Table Topics will be geared toward career development.   Sample topics will include resume building and networking through social media (e.g., LinkedIn).  The first year of topics will be presented at the January TLI.  Members can join this club at the January TLI as well.  More to follow.

Welcome to District 10, Lubrizol Brecksville Toastmasters #5112151! The corporate club chartered on November 18, with help from the members of Lubrizol Toastmasters #415.

Important Dates

Important_DatesDecember 12      Marketing Institute

December 12      DEC meeting

January 1             Area Director visits begin

Jan 1 – Feb 27     Club speech contests

January 16           DEC meeting

January 23           TLI/officer training*

January 31           Distinguished-by-January-31** ends

Feb 29 – Mar 16  Area speech contests

Mar 18 – Apr 2     Division speech contests

April 16                  District conference

*The TLI will be held 7 a.m. – noon at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Independence.  This will not be your typical TLI.  Sessions will be more topic related as opposed to the traditional breakouts by officer role.  You had the officer training in June-August, and now you’ll learn more about your needs as a Toastmaster and an officer.  Save the date!  Registration will open late December for this informative event.

**Earn at least five DCP points, and have at least 20 members or a net gain of five new members, and your club will receive a $100 Toastmasters International online store gift certificate!

October and November 2015 Education Awards

AwardsCC     Alberts, Todd S.
CC     Anderson, Luke L.
CC     Baldacci, Brian G
CC     Begue-Lavery, Lynnette
CC     Booker, Dante L.
CC     Brown, Barry A.
CL     Brown, Barry A.
CL     Burdzinski, Ken
ALB     Burrows, Mary Anne
ALB     Burrows, Mary Anne
CL     Coward, Mahogany R.
CC     English, Patricia
ALB     Fedan, Wendy M.
CL     Fedan, Wendy M.
CC     Fishman, Gary S.
CL     Gage, Saundra R.
ACB   Garvin, Charles M.
CL     Gray, Gary Scott
CC     Grice, Felita
CL     Grudzien, Colleen M.
ACB     Hammonds, Travalas T.
CL     Jackson, Patrice
CC     Kreg, Lenore L
CL     Krumnow, Dianne K.
CL     LaBasi, Michele M.
ACB     Mayer, Ryan
ACS     Michalek, John
ALB     Milledge, Robbie A.
CC     Montgomery, David
CC     Moser, August N.
CL     Murray, Benjamin Robert
ALB     Nagano, Kenichi K.
ACB     Pastor, George
CC     Petrilli, Ernest
CL     Piercy, Fiona
ALB     Posten, Kristyn Jo
ACB     Reusser, Monica R.
DTM     Richardson, Becky J.
ALS     Richardson, Becky J.
CC     Roberson, Tiffany S.
ALB     Shelling, Peter A.
CC     Sliva, Edward F.
CC     Song, Qihuan
CC     Stadul, Sharon M
CL     Stark, Debbie C.
CC     Stockett, Andre M.
CC     Taylor, Diane L
ALB     Thiessen, Gayle C.
CL     Thiessen, Gayle C.
CL     Thompson, Tonya M.
LDREXC     Tidmore, Wanda R.
CL     Tillman, Kristine E.
ACS     Wasserman, Brian P.
CL     Wasserman, Janet P.
CL     Williams, Cory Michael
CC     Williams, Cory Michael
CL     Williams, Gary T.
CL     Williams, Mark L.

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