What is the Distinguished Club Program?

checklistThe Distinguished Club Program (also known as the “DCP”) is a set of goals developed by Toastmasters International that helps clubs in achieving education, membership and administrative objectives.

Toastmasters has found that Distinguished clubs tend to be successful, fun, strong clubs of which members enjoy being a part.  Members of these clubs are completing manuals and receiving recognition, and the clubs are continually growing and improving.

There are 10 goals in the DCP.

How to be a Distinguished ClubAward Levels for Distinguished Clubs

There are three award levels for Distinguished clubs and the awards are tied to how many of the 10 measurements a club actually completes.

To be eligible for these awards, a club must have 20 paid members on its roster.  If a club has fewer than 20 members, then it must have a net growth of 5 members over the course of the year.

  • 5 DCP goals completed – Distinguished Club
  • 7 DCP goals completed – Select Distinguished Club
  • 9 DCP goals completed – President’s Distinguished Club

Learn More …

To see how your club is doing in the DCP, click this link.

To learn more about the specifics of the DCP from Toastmasters International, click this link.

2 thoughts on “What is the Distinguished Club Program?

  1. Has the ‘qualifying requirement’ for a club’s eligibility for gaining DCP recognition always been there? If not do you know when the requirement changed. I belong to a small club and last year we gained 5 goals but this was not recognized.
    By the way I am Australian but my great grandfather came from Bellefontaine Ohio.

    • Hi James,
      As long as I have been a Toastmaster (8 years), the qualifying requirement hast been there. I discovered it the same way you did–our club thought we had earned the distinction only to discover come July 1 that we did not because of the qualifying requirement had not been met. That’s cool that your family’s roots are in Ohio.

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