District Council Meeting (Business Meeting)
Saturday, May 11, 2019, 8:00 am

The District Council Meeting (Business Meeting) is an important part of every conference.  Your District’s top leaders will be delivering reports of significant successes and challenges in their areas of responsibility and you will hear about updates to rearranging the balance of clubs in each Area and Division.  In addition, there will be elections to decide the new leaders of our District who begin office on July 1.

Any Toastmaster may attend this meeting to learn the business of the District.  Voting at the Council Meeting is restricted to District Leaders, Area Directors, Division Directors, Club Presidents (or their proxy), and Club Vice Presidents of Education (or their proxy).

Club President and Vice President of Education
**  Your Vote Matters  **
Plan to attend or assign a proxy so your vote is counted.  

For more information about the business meeting,
visit District Events: District Council Meetings.

There is NO CHARGE to attend the Business Meeting.

Pre-registration is not required unless you are planning to attend other parts of the conference.