Fall Conference Keynote Speaker: Darren LaCroix

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 10.43.12 PMWould you like to affect your audiences at a deeper level?

Want your presentation to be remembered for years to come?

How can you do that with just one change in your hero’s journey? 

Come find out…

This is not some new technique or speaking strategy. This unique presentation will change how you look at presentations and your journey, Darren-teed.

Out of 25,000 contestants from 14 countries, Darren LaCroix won the World Championship of Public Speaking. He says that was just the beginning of his commitment to becoming the best teacher of public speaking.

If you think you have seen Darren LaCroix before, you will be surprised. This is a brand new presentation that has only been given once before.

Our presentations don’t change until we do.

You will walk away from this session

  • Knowing how to affect your audiences more deeply
  • Understanding how to create better stories
  • With a new perspective on your own journey

Keynote speaker and songwriter Carla Back said, “Your Hero’s Journey will be a landmark in my life. I will go back and remember that that is where things changed.”

This new type of presentation will stick with you for years to come because of Darren’s use of “Gamification” (pronounced Game-i-fication).  What is Gamification? Come join us for this and find out!

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