The District’s Nominated Candidates for the 2022-2023 Toastmasters year are:

District Director: Bob Churilla

Program Quality Director: Sandra Orland

Club Growth Director: Lenroy Jones, Tracey Touma, Andrea Wells

Central Division Director: Aziz Radwan, Malcolm Tsung

Eastern Division Director: Diane Jackson

Northern Division Director: Selena Mallory

Southern Division Director: Larry Goldsmith

Western Division Director: Bill McGee

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Here is what they have to say :

Club Growth Director: Bob Churilla, DTM

Bob Churilla

District Director Candidate

I am privileged to be a candidate for the District Director position in District 10. I originally joined Toastmasters in 2005 and since 2016 have been active in a number of Toastmasters Clubs. At present, I am a member of Independently Speaking and Westside Advanced Toastmasters. I have served in a number of officer roles, including: President, Vice President of Education, Vice President of Membership, Vice President of Public Relations and Secretary. Beginning in 2017, I have been active at the District 10 level. I have served as the chair of the Volunteer Committee for the 2017 District 10 Fall Conference...

Sandra Orland, DTM, Program Quality Director

Sandra Orland

Program Quality Director Candidate

It is an honor and privilege to be selected as a candidate for 2022-2023 District 10 Program Quality Director position. Serving as District 10 Club Growth Director for 2021-2022 and a member of the Trio, I was able to coordinate the “Connect for Success” District 10 Fundraiser for Club Growth, coordinate the Club Quality and Member Recognition event, lead my Marketing Committee to create and finalize the new District 10 Radio Advertisements, and organize with the same team the Marketing Institute event. I have also served as Public Relations Manager for 2020-2021, and Area 54 Director for 2019-2020.

There are so many wonderful opportunities that await us...

Lenroy Jones

Lenroy Jones

Club Growth Director Candidate

Fellow Toastmasters!  

I'm Lenroy Jones, it has been a humbling experience to have been nominated, and I have enthusiastically accepted the nomination for the 2022-2023 Club Growth Director, District 10, Toastmaster International. I have gradually and intentionally stepped up to take on a volunteer leadership position since 2015 as “we” worked to establish a club. This was during my time at the Univesity of Kentucky and “we” were successful in chartering club #3663553, Big Blue Toastmasters and I’ve been an active member who has grown as a person and leader and remain committed to building leaders and clubs... 

Area 21 Director: Tracey Touma

Tracey Touma

Club Growth Director Candidate

"My name is Tracey Touma, and I am your nominated candidate for District 10 Club Growth Director for 2022-2023. I joined CCAC Toastmasters to learn to communicate clearly, concisely and confidently. Through the journey as a charter member of CCAC since 2018, I learned that Toastmasters fulfills my thirst to be a life-long learner and giver. It has helped build my confidence to find and showcase the courage to be authentic in my quest to be a better version of myself. My greatest passion...


Andrea Wells

Club Growth Director Nominee

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be nominated as a candidate for the District 10 Club Growth Director position for 20222-2023. I am currently serving as the Central Division Director, which has allowed me to work closely with the Trio in planning the summer and winter Toastmasters Leadership Institute sessions. I have also enjoyed leading my team of Area Directors and facilitating the make-up TLI sessions for the leaders of District 10. Serving as the District 10 Recognition Chair in 2020-2021 and currently, for 2021-2022, has allowed me to work closely with the Trio for several years. I have also seen the growth and excellence of the members of District 10.


Aziz Radwan

Division Director Nominee - Central

I graduated from the University of Manchester, UK with a Masters in Electrical Engineering. I have worked for 4 years as a research engineer. In 2014, I went to Case Western Reserve University to get a PhD in Electrical Engineering and I will likely graduate in 2022. 

I joined Toastmasters in October 2013. I became a member of a couple of Toastmasters clubs including Arabian Stallions, CWRU Toastmasters, Westlake Toastmasters 497 and Top of the Town Advanced Toastmasters Club. I have served as a Club Vice President of Education, Vice President of Membership, Vice President of Public Relation, Treasurer, Sergeant at Arms and Club President...

Malcolm Tsung, IP1, Central Division Director

Malcolm Tsung

Division Director Candidate - Central

Greetings my fellow DEC and Toastmasters members, I am putting in my name for the Central Division Director position.  My background in the district is Area 11 Area Director (2021-2022 term) and Area 13 Area Director (2020-2021 term).  On the club level I have been a club officer in the following roles: President, VP of Ed., VP of PR, Treasurer, and Sargent of Arms.  Each succeeding role has provided me with best practices, lessons learned, and being reliable and effective!

In addition, I plan to use my professional skillset from the 20+ years in the Insurance and Financial Service Industry to help Central Division

Diane Jackson, EC5, MS1, LD1, Eastern Division Director

Diane Jackson 

Division Director Candidate - Eastern

"To My Fellow Toastmasters of District 10,

It is an honor and a privilege to be your Eastern Division Director nominated candidate. I prepared myself for years to take on this position and I’m ready to make our division one of the best in the district supporting clubs to achieve excellence. I genuinely believe we can...

Selena Mallory, PM2, Northern Division Director

Selena Mallory

Division Director Nominee - Northern

"Dear District 10 Toastmasters,
My name is Selena Mallory and I am running for the office of Northern Division Director for 2022-2023. I am pleased to have met and collaborated with many of you in our District throughout my eight year Toastmasters tenure. For those of you I have not met, allow me to introduce myself further. I am the current President of Citadel of Hope Toastmasters and the District 10 Bookstore Manager. On a personal note, ...

Larry Goldsmith, DTM, Southern Division Director

Larry Goldsmith

Division Director Candidate - Southern

"I have been a Toastmaster since April 2004. I gave my first speech before my check cleared. I became a Distinguished Toastmaster and started this amazing program over because I am constantly learning from my experiences and from listening to others. My success has always come from my desire to push others towards their goals. I had a mentor early on who showed me the values of being a servant leader and I strive to emulate her example whenever I can. I want to...

Western Division Director

Bill McGee

Division Director Candidate - Western

"My name is Bill McGee and I am a nominated candidate for your District 10 2022-2023 Western Division Director. My top priorities include helping the new Area Directors with their official visits and speech contests. Most of the new Area Directors are doing this role for the first time and may feel overwhelmed. I will help them




District Leadership Committee, District 10 2022-2023

Alicia Smith-Kirk, DTM, IPDD, Chair
Vicky Nann, DTM, PDD, Central Division
Mark Banas, DTM, Eastern Division
Eugene Schnell, DTM, Northern Division
Kate Waits, VC3, Southern Division
Bill Simpson, DTM, PDG, Western Division