Election Info

Call for Nominations for 2020-2021 Elected District Leaders

The District 10 Leadership Committee (DLC) is calling for candidate declarations for the following 2020-2021 elected district leadership roles:

  • Central Division Director
  • Eastern Division Director
  • Northern Division Director
  • Southern Division Director
  • Western Division Director
  • Club Growth Director
  • Program Quality Director
  • District Director

The election of the above district leaders will take place at the District Council annual meeting, which will be held on Saturday, May 16, 2020 at a location to be announced.

All candidates, including any floor candidates, must declare their intent to run by March 1, 2020 by submitting a photo as well as each of these forms to the DLC:
Nomination form
Candidate Application
District Leader Biographical Information
District Leader Agreement and Release Statement

Note that nominations for floor candidates must also be submitted by March 1, 2020. All floor candidates must be evaluated by the DLC, per the recently-revised District Administrative Bylaws, Article VII Officers, b., Elective Officers.

You may nominate yourself or another Toastmaster in good standing. Please review District Leader Qualifications and Responsibilities to ensure that your nomination meets the qualifications of the role.

All candidates will be interviewed by at least two members of the DLC.

The DLC will provide the names of DLC-nominated candidates to District Director Sravanthi Vallampati no fewer than six weeks prior to the election date, and will publish its report on www.district10.org no fewer than four weeks prior to the election, as required by the District Administrative Bylaws.


Contact dlc@district10.org.

District Leadership Committee, District 10 2019-2020

Vicky Nann, DTM, Chair
Kathy Hammond, DTM, Central Division
Mark Timm, DTM, Eastern Division
Martin Cole, DL1, Northern Division
Michele LaBasi, DTM, Southern Division
Anna Ho, DL1, Western Division