Building Your Club Membership

Toastmasters encourages its member clubs to have at least 20 members.  When a club has 20 members, all the roles for a meeting can be filled in with a few people left over.

We realize that not every club in Northeast Ohio has that large of a roster.  Here are some ideas and strategies for building up your club to Toastmasters “20 member” recommendation:

Improve Your Club Meetings

How to Rebuilt a Toastmasters Club

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Take a good hard look at your club meetings.  Ask yourself questions such as these:

  • Are your meetings well-run?
  • Do you have a printed agenda each meeting?
  • Are members giving speeches from the manuals?
  • Are you welcoming guests?
  • Do you start and end on time?
  • Are your current members inviting guests to meetings?
  • Do you feel energized or exhausted after the majority of your meetings?

Sometimes the easiest way to build your membership can be found by simply making the commitment to have excellent meetings.

A great place to start in building up your membership is to take stock of your current club meetings and making them better.  Toastmasters International provides a wide variety of resources to help members build good clubs. Click here to see Toastmasters’ resources for building membership.

Run a Membership Campaign!

Once you have improved the quality of your meetings, a great way to build up your membership is to actively take part in a few membership campaigns that Toastmasters focuses on through the year.

(August – September):  The Smedley Award

The Smedley Award is given to clubs who add 5 new or reinstated members during the months of August and September. It is named after the Toastmasters International founder, Dr. Ralph Smedley. Clubs are given their choice of any module from The Better Speaker Series, Successful Club Series or Leadership Excellence Series.

(February – March): Talk Up Toastmasters

The Talk Up Toastmasters award is given to clubs who add 5 new or reinstated members during the months of February and March. Clubs are given their choice of any module from The Better Speaker Series, Successful Club Series or Leadership Excellence Series.Beat The Clock

(May – June):  Beat The Clock

Beat the Clock awards are given to any club that adds 5 members between May and June.  The club receives a single module from the Successful Club Series, Better Speaker Series or Leadership Excellence Series, directly from Toastmasters International. In addition, the clubs that Beat the Clock receive a $25 gift certificate from the District to the Toastmasters International store.

Get Recognition for Sponsoring New Members!

Toastmasters International has a membership recognition program for individual members who sponsor new or reinstated members each year. The sponsoring member will receive the following awards from Toastmasters International each year that these milestones are met:

5 members – Toastmasters International Presidential Theme Pin
10 members – Gold Star pin
15 members – scarf or necktie

To receive credit in this recognition program, simply make sure your name is listed as the sponsoring member at the bottom of the new member’s application form!

For more information on Toastmasters official membership building contests, click here.

Fewer than 12 Members?  Ask for a Club Coach

Club Coach Form

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A club coach is someone who works with a club that has fewer than 12 members.

The Coach’s role is to help the club add at least 5 net new members and attain Distinguished Status.

A coach’s assignment is complete when this occurs and the club has the processes and tools in place to carry on without any external assistance.

Two coaches may be assigned per club as appointed by the District Governor. Anyone who serves as a coach receives credit toward the Advanced Leader award.

Visit Another Club in Your Area

Take a step outside your own club and visit some other clubs in your local area.  This will expose you to new ideas and strategies that you can think about incorporating into your own club.

Building your club membership starts with a club commitment to be the best club you can be!

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