Thrive on the Membership Rollercoaster

Sandra Orland, DTM, DD


In the dynamic realm of Toastmasters, clubs often face the dual challenge of membership lows and surges. This session presents ten actionable strategies to navigate these peaks and valleys effectively. From cultivating a sense of belonging among existing members to leveraging the power of social media for outreach, attendees will gain insights into revitalizing club membership. By focusing on enhancing the guest experience, utilizing mentorship/coach programs, and optimizing critical touchpoints through Moments of Truth, clubs can not only attract but also retain members. Join me to discover innovative approaches for sustainable growth and personal development within Toastmasters clubs.

Attendees of this session will:

  • Understand key areas to market your Club
  • Learn how to measure if your invitations are working
  • Uncover key problems and how to collaborate with your club to develop creative solutions
  • Learn awareness to a Prosci Change Management Tool ADKAR to help identify how to apply Moments of Truth to continue building momentum and value in your club and your personal development


Sandra Orland is the current Toastmasters International District 10 District Director, and a member since 2017. She has served various District roles like Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, and Area Director. She earned her Distinguished Toastmaster Award in 2021 and the District Program Quality Award for 2022-2023. Sandra belongs to four clubs and has held officer positions including President and VP roles. She is an 18-year Girl Scout leader, serving on the Service Unit as Secretary for 4 years. Sandra volunteers with the Patriots Symphonic Band's PR Board and has been active in school PTOs, serving as President. Professionally, she is an IT Solution Architect Consultant at Progressive Insurance. Previously, she did cancer research at CWRU for 6 years. Sandra and her husband John have two daughters. She enjoys camping, sewing, crafting, and playing trumpet with local bands and her church, where she also arranges music. Her accomplishments include earning Triple Crown awards for the last 3 years and other District-level recognition.

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Finding Your Voice then Leading with Your Voice

Tracey Touma, DTM


Finding your voice is about not just the sound your voice makes but who you are, and how you express yourself and ideas. In this session, Tracey will focus on:

  • Five key areas: Self discovery, overcoming barriers, authentic expression, listening and empathy and continuous growth.
  • Leading with your voice: using your voice to inspire, influence and effect positive change.
  • Helping you learn five key areas: Defining, personal empowerment, authenticity, courage, and confidence and action.

In this session, participants will find their unique voice and then use it lead and inspire others.


Tracey Touma, DTM, is Cybersecurity Business Liaison at Cleveland Clinic. She holds a Masters degree in Management in Information Systems. She also holds certifications in Cybersecurity, DevOps Foundation, Scrum Fundamentals, ITIL Foundations v3, and Project Management.

Tracey is passionate about teams, coaching, and moving others forward. She has received team awards through Cleveland Clinic and Greater Cleveland.  Tracey has been recognized for steering teams through pivotal projects. She is strategic, organized, and her positivity allows her to tackle challenges head-on while fostering close ties with peers and stakeholders. Tracey’s leadership philosophy is rooted in altruism and a coaching-centric communication style. She prioritizes the growth and development of everyone around her.

Tracey serves as the Vice-President of the Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS) Healthcare and is the Public Relations Manager for District 10 Toastmasters. She earned the Toastmaster of the Year Award from District 10 last year.

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Member Mentorship

Steff Hill and Valerie Costa


This session will “unveil” the Mentorship Program Reboot for District 10!
Get primed for the information to help your members succeed and build the accountability with the pace of the member. Build relationships while enhancing your clubs!


Steff Hill has been an active member of Toastmasters for almost five years and has achieved a lot during this time. She currently holds several officer positions and serves as an Area 10 Director.  Steff is a member of three Toastmasters clubs, including two corporate clubs and one community-based club.  She aims to complete her second path before the end of the 2023-2024 year and receive her Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) award by 2025.

Toastmasters has become an essential part of Steff's life.  Although she joined initially to improve herself, now she enjoys helping others on their Toastmasters journey.

Valerie Costa has been an active member of Toastmasters since being a charter member of the Valspar Corporate club in 2017. Sherwin-Williams acquired Valspar and has since absorbed the corporate Toastmasters Club as well! She currently holds the VP of Membership role in her club - Colorful Language. She is also serving as Area 23 Director of our wonderful District 10! Valerie is completing her Level 5 in Innovative Planning and has plans to continue with her other open paths shortly after!

Toastmasters has been a wonderful addition to Valerie's life and career. Helping to strengthen my leadership skills has really put me on a path for success in my career at Sherwin-Williams!

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Accelerate with Advanced Clubs (panel session)

Greg Danko, DTM, Moderator


Advanced clubs are primarily made up of experienced Toastmasters who want to grow more rapidly than those of a typical club. They are Toastmasters who want to set a higher bar. The main difference between a typical/basic and an advanced club is the level or type of feedback.

In a typical club, the evaluations are focused on encouragement, while in an advanced club, the feedback can be more direct.

During this session we will learn why checking out or checking into an Advanced Club has benefits.  Get insight and get ready to Accelerate with Advanced Clubs.  BTW, did you know that District 10 has six Advanced Clubs?


Greg Danko, DTM is a 25-year veteran of District 10, as of August 2024. He is a multi-decorated Distinguished Toastmaster, has held five out of seven Club Officer positions, and a 5x Area (Governor) Director.  He has been a member of five traditional and three advanced clubs in D-10, and one traditional club in D-115. 

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Radiant Resilience: Revitalizing Leaders with Self-Care Savvy

Sharon Stadul, DTM
Tracey Touma, DTM
Sandra Orland, DTM


This an interactive conference session. Participants delve into recognizing burnout and stress, while sharing their own leadership challenges. Practical tools such as mindfulness exercises, effective time management, and boundary setting are explored. Activities include a reflective exercise envisioning the perfect day off, exploring preferred self-care strategies and joyful activities. Presenters highlight benefits and success stories of self-care savvy leaders. This session fosters an interactive environment empowering leaders to prioritize self-care, enhancing their resilience and effectiveness in leading others.

Attendees of this session will:

  • Identify signs and symptoms of burnout and stress
  • Learn and practice practical self-care tools and strategies
  • Engage in reflective activities, including envisioning the perfect joyful day off
  • Gain inspiration and insight from success stories of self-care savvy leaders


Sharon Stadul, DTM is a dedicated and dynamic Toastmaster with a passion for storytelling, humor, and holistic well-being. As a presenter at the 2020 and 2023 Toastmasters District 10 conferences, Sharon captivated audiences with her workshops "Magic of Humor" and "Leveling Up with Laughter." Beyond Toastmasters, Sharon hones her comedic craft through both in-person and online workshops and performances. Recently, she expanded her expertise into holistic wellness, completing a 200-hour yoga teacher training program and is currently pursuing a Health Coaching Certification. With over 20 years of experience as an Administrative Manager, Sharon is passionate about empowering leaders as a co-presenter of "Radiant Resilience: Revitalizing Leaders with Self-Care Savvy," offering a unique blend of humor, storytelling, and self-care strategies for sustainable leadership.

(see Sandra's and Tracey's bios above)

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Speaking to the Present Giving the Incarcerated a Future!

Deb Stark and Tonya Thompson


Imagine making choices that lead you down the path of incarceration. Imagine having a program that teaches both communication and leadership.  Think about a time you were at your rock bottom and a wonderful organization came by and lifted you from the trenches. This is what Toastmasters has done for many incarcerated individuals. Stop by and see Deb and Tonya as they present that Toastmasters is so much more than just a speaking and leadership organization. It can change lives!

Attendees of this session will learn:

  • The importance of our correctional clubs
  • How Toastmasters helps incarcerated individuals in the reentry process
  • How Toastmasters helps incarcerated individuals be better leaders and communicators

You will also get a chance to hear from our incarcerated members.


Debbie’s career path began after graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree from The Ohio State University in Allied Health, majoring in Communications and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA).  She served as the Dean of Technical and Professional Programs at Marion Technical College with oversight of the college programs in both Marion and North Central Correctional Institutions.  She also served as Area Governor for District 10, Southern Division, Area 30, which included oversight of two Toastmasters Charter Clubs, and one 85 member Gavel Club, inside three prisons.  In her retirement, Debbie frequently speaks at and attends meetings to share her passion for Toastmasters as an effective prison reentry program.  She is currently a member of Marion Toastmasters 2020 and Alive Inside 8214, both located in Marion Ohio.

Tonya says: Club is Marion 2020. I have been a member for 15 years and I am the current president of my club. I work in higher education as the coordinator of Marion Technical College Corrections Education Program at North Central Correctional Complex in Marion Ohio. I have also advertised Toastmasters on a show that used to air on WMRN in Marion "Morning Magazine" I had a monthly spot and brought in fellow
Toastmasters to speak on how the program changes lives.

Toastmasters has significantly helped me with speaking in public, I learned the singing and speaking in public are two totally different things and Toastmasters has given me the confidence to want to speak in public.
Toastmasters has also taught me leadership in ways no eduation has taught me. I am proud to be part of an organization that supports individuals and harbors positivity.

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