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I joined Toastmasters on April 1. On June 7th I was elected Vice President of Education (VPE). What makes that so amazing is the fact that the club was not suffering for members; in fact there was a 3-month waiting list to give a speech. The other officer roles had multiple members running but the VPE position was open. That should have been a clue as to how much work the role was but I accepted the challenge.

A month later, the previous VPE and my mentor left the company. I lost my best guide to the position. But I didn’t lose the network I formed by attending District sponsored Toastmaster Leadership Institutes (TLI).

By attending a TLI, I was able to meet other members who were taking on officer roles and got their contact information to reach out with questions or to commiserate (word of the day) about the position and club. These contacts were invaluable as I worked through the Toastmaster year.

“These contacts were invaluable as I worked through the Toastmaster year.”

Larry Goldsmith, DTM

As your club holds their officer elections, I encourage you to serve and take advantage of the District sponsored training. Not only do you get important information about the position and how to be successful, you meet others in the District who will face similar struggles during the year.

Too often we think the job is too difficult, but the reality is Leadership is not about doing it alone. It is about serving others and helping them reach their goals. It is the most rewarding part of Toastmasters, where leaders are made.

by Larry Goldsmith, DTM

2021-2022 Area 30 Director, Southern Division Director-Elect

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