Reimagine You In Spring 2022

by Cori Arnold, PM2, Mount Vernon Club

It’s that time of year – Spring! 🌸

The spring season comes with many exciting things. New life emerges as the outdoors become greener. Warm sunshine accompanies our walks, and we get motivated to clean our houses. 

For me, spring cleaning is an annual tradition. I don’t just clean though. I look for things I no longer use and either donate or dispose of them. Cleaning out my physical space makes me feel great. I don’t want to be held down with a lot of stuff that no longer serves a purpose. 

Cleaning up the space around me has an added benefit. I mentally feel better. My mind can focus on what’s important instead of being distracted with the physical stuff around me. I create more mental space for personal development and growth. I encourage you to make room for a new you, physically and mentally.

Join us at the District 10 Toastmasters Spring Conference, themed, “A Whole New World…Reimagine You.”

This event only comes around once a year. It’s your opportunity to get the most out of this new spring season. By attending, you’ll gain access to world-class speakers, abundant learning opportunities, and professional networking.

  1. Inspiration This conference brings new life into your home with keynote speaker, Melissa McGavick, DTM, International Director, Region 6. She offers new perspectives with her content, as well as high caliber speaking ability, which provides insights for improvement in your own speaking journey. Spending time with like-minded individuals is a great catalyst for inspiration. You become similar to the people you spend your time with.  Choosing to spend your time with amazing speakers and District 10 Leaders will improve your mindset.
  1. Education A variety of high-level education sessions offer growth in many areas, from improving your public speaking skills to enhancing your leadership skills.  This is your opportunity to gain knowledge and reap the rewards of these new skills. We all can learn something from these excellent training sessions.
  1. Connection With the pandemic, the world has changed in many ways. In some cases, our relationships have changed. We may no longer stay connected like we used to. This conference is a place where you can rekindle old relationships and create new ones.

In addition, you can support your fellow Toastmasters as they compete in two speech competitions, the Humorous Speech Contest and the International Speech Contest. These teammates of yours have been working on these speeches for months and would love your support. 

And, if you aren’t convinced yet, you can experience all of this from the comfort of your own home. Where else can you gain inspirationeducation, and connection – all in one weekend? I know I’m ready, and my spring cleaning is almost finished. Get ready, because this conference is coming to you. 

Join us for a fun weekend with District 10 April 28th– May 1st.

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