(Take aim and deploy!)

In 2 short years, the way we meet, learn and work has dramatically changed.

This rapid transformation was made smoother by millions of committees and task forces (in various industries and organizations) as they brainstormed and made sense of the ever evolving landscape.

We have greatly benefited from their effort and contributions as we adjusted to the new normal. Two years later, the ripple effect of this cascading change is still going strong…

This change has created an abundance of opportunities – to take initiative and make a difference!

Look around you. In every facet of life, there is a need, a need of willing troopers who are ready to dive in and deliver results.

Toastmasters is no different. As the organization rapidly evolves, there are a multitude of assignments that need your creativity and excellence! These assignments require a team (Task Force) of 2 or more members to come together and collaborate. This collaboration may run from a few weeks to a few months.

While speeches build up your speaking skills, leading a Task Force team- as a Committee Chair – builds up your leadership skills!

As a leader, you help the Task Force committee brainstorm and deliver a targeted result.

To help figure out where you can best lead, ask yourself these questions –

What do you enjoy doing? What are your current priorities? What skills do you already have which can be easily transferred to being a Committee Chair?

Being a Committee Chair will build out your facilitation, planning, and coordination skills; along with the people skills of relationship building and decision making.

These are highly transferable skills at work, at home, or in your community.

Here are some assignments which regularly need a Task Force to ensure a robust District-

  • Marketing
  • Financial Audit
  • Officer Training
  • Public Relations
  • District Alignment
  • Conference Planning
  • Recognition and Incentives
  • Website design and content
  • Speech Contests
  • Administration
  • District Store

There may be other special assignments as well based on where the District needs help. You get to choose your assignment, help pick your team and then deliver your best!

There are also different projects in Pathways, which can be applied to your contribution as a Committee Chair.

So not only do you develop the skill and experience of a Committee Chair and gain highly transferable skills, you also get to complete a Pathways project simultaneously! That’s a great win-win-win!

Here are some of the Pathways Projects which can be applied to your role of a Committee Chair –

Level 2:

Managing Time

Understanding Your Leadership Style

Level 3:

Present A Proposal

Reaching Consensus

Successful Collaboration

Planning and Implementing

Develop A Communication Plan

Understanding Conflict Resolution

Level 4:

Communicate Change

Manage Change

Motivate Others

Leading Your Team

Manage Online Meetings

Manage Projects Successfully

Level 5:

High Performance Leadership

Manage Successful Events

Leading In Your Volunteer Organization

Lessons Learned

Here is the Project Matrix to refer to for the complete list: Pathways Project Matrix.

As you can see, there are plenty of projects available to you. You can also complete these projects in advance of reaching a level. For example, complete a Level 4 project while you are still in Level 2. Then the project will already be done by the time you get to that level!

Once you start thinking ahead – especially for those big projects, planning and execution will become much easier.

To get started, reach out to the District Director, Program Quality Director or Club Growth Director. They will guide you on where you can serve best.

Once you start the planning and collaborating you will realize how valuable this hands on training is. Executed in a safe environment, it let you test and experiment with new ideas while appreciating the existing framework.  When the next leadership opportunity arises, you will be able to swoop in like a swat team, take charge and deliver!

Now take aim and deploy!

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