(If you build it, they will come!)

Who says exploring new territories got over with Christopher Columbus…?

Look around you!  

There is still a lot of barren land waiting to be cultivated…

In “Toastmaster speak” that means an area or a zip code where a club is not yet easily accessible.

This lends you the perfect opportunity to sow the seeds of a future club, as a Club Sponsor!

With some research and support from the Club Growth Director, you will be able to pinpoint a potential club location. It could be a company, a community, an organization, a college, or any other place, where a new club would not only be a useful asset but also draw more people in. Now, with the added opportunity to create online-only clubs, even geography is no longer a limitation!

Just keep in mind that it is human nature to prefer interacting with places and services that are conveniently accessible (physical or virtual).

As a Club Sponsor, you will first have to initiate and create awareness about a prospective new club. The district can help with additional team members to support your endeavor. You subsequently lead, mobilize and guide guests to transition from a prospective to a chartered* club member. You also poll and get a consensus on the time, place, and location of the new club.

*Charter – Formally create a new club with all paperwork submitted to Toastmasters International.

Club Sponsor is one of 3 options, which can be completed to count as a Club Leadership Project fulfilled towards your DTM. (Refer to the complete list here)

This sponsorship role will help you acquire startup accelerator skills, deepen your training and facilitation abilities, turbo charge your leadership acumen, all while accelerating your path to DTM!

Here are a few resources to get you started –

Sponsor a club

How to sponsor a club

Club Sponsor training

Promotional Fliers: Corporate Clubs , Sponsor Organization

Reach out to to get the ball rolling.

Starting a new club may initially seem like one mammoth task. But with the Club Growth Director’s support and an eager team to help, you can break new grounds!

All you need… is to see places with a fresh set of eyes (and maybe a spyglass 😉)

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Preeti Venkataramani

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