(A Toastmaster Trellis!)

When we walk into a plant nursery, we can’t help but notice the stark contrast between our “diy” plants and the full bodied vibrant vegetation on display 🙂

So, what’s the secret sauce?

Unlike our self-help efforts, these plants are expertly nursed to growth and health in their infancy stage, till they can self-sustain for most parts.

This analogy applies to organizations too!

When a new club gets chartered in Toastmasters, it too is like a tender young plant – in need of proper care. An experienced Toastmaster (who could have been part of the club’s formation process) takes on the role of a horticulturist aka Club Mentor to help deepen its roots and spur its bloom!

Each new club can have up to 2 Club Mentors. They are available to guide, support, and answer questions for the first 6 months of the club. This gives members a deeper understanding of how to proceed, especially if they have different learning styles.

It has been observed that humans have 8 different learning styles –

  1. Visual (spatial) Learner.
  2. Aural (auditory) Learner.
  3. Verbal (linguistic) Learner.
  4. Physical (kinesthetic) Learner.
  5. Logical (mathematical) Learner.
  6. Social (interpersonal) Learner.
  7. Solitary (intrapersonal) Learner.
  8. Natural (observing from nature) Learner.

Having a club Mentor really helps for members who have aural, verbal and social as their preferred learning styles!

Club Mentor is one of 2 options, which can be completed to count as a District Leadership Project fulfilled towards your DTM. (Refer to the complete list here)

This role will help you fine tune your mentoring skills, apply your broad Toastmasters knowledge, strengthen your leadership abilities, all while accelerating your path to DTM!

Here is a complete guide on what the Club Mentor role includes: Mentoring Matters

Each club is like a different plant, growing and supporting its members under the giant Toastmasters greenhouse.

As a Club Mentor, you can be a Toastmaster Trellis, supporting the club till its roots grow deep…

Who says, you don’t have a green thumb 🙂

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Preeti Venkataramani

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