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What are your go to Tools as a Toastmaster?

Here are a few in case you are wondering –

  1. Rule of 3 for speeches
  2. Making sufficient eye contact
  3. Good use of pauses
  4. Sticking to the time limit
  5. Adding vocal variety

These seem very basic don’t they? They have become basic because you have internalized these tactics. You now unconsciously use these tools without thinking too much about them.

However there are a variety of people who need just that! 

They have a desire to speak well but just don’t know where to begin. This desire could be for a variety of reasons – an office presentation, a family toast, a fundraising event or something else.

As a Speechcraft coordinator – with your Toastmaster Tools, you can help bridge this gap!

Speechcraft is a workshop sponsored by your club. You conduct this workshop for participants (called speechcrafters) who have a desire to learn – in 4, 6 or 8 week sessions. This acts as an initiation for them to learn relevant skills, which they can then continue in the future (by joining your club). Club Growth Director Bob Churilla, an experienced coordinator, has found 6 weeks to be the optimal time frame. Usually 1-3 speechcrafters join the club after each workshop.

Speechcraft is one of 3 options, which can be completed to count as a Club Leadership Project fulfilled towards your DTM. (Refer to the complete list here)

The Speechcraft material is now available as a Digital Bundle. This workshop is available for use virtually, in-person or in hybrid mode. Each bundle supports 5 speechcrafters. If you have more speechcrafters, your club can sponsor multiple bundles, so that you can conduct them simultaneously.

Best part is, some of the workshop material applies as a credit for Pathways too!

This workshop exercise will help you fine tune your project coordination skills, utilize your Toastmaster tools, strengthen your leadership abilities, all while accelerating your path to DTM!

Here are some webinars and tutorials to help you start your Speechcraft coordinator journey:

The resources mentioned in the webinar can be accessed here: Speechcraft Resources and the Speechcraft Gateway.

You can contact speechcraft@toastmasters.org with any questions not answered in the Q&A of the recording.

Much like first learning to drive a car, you help speechcrafters get a grip on the basics – before they join the Toastmasters highway!

Isn’t that a fine way to get your DTM?

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Preeti Venkataramani

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