(Each one, Teach one!)

Imagine you are interviewing your favorite role model…  What an exciting one-on-one conversation that would be!

As you go through your question bank, this question ultimately presents itself:

What advice will you give to your younger self?

This popular question – which finds its way into most interviews – cuts through the noise and gets to the essence of the interviewee. We all want to know, what did the interviewee learn in life, the hard way?

In that moment of candor and vulnerability, you will hear a real gem of wisdom.

Now flip the table.

You are on the interviewee couch and your role model is interviewing you!

Toastmaster –Your Name–, what advice will you give to your younger self?

If we (as Toastmasters) are really honest with ourselves, valuing communication skills and focusing on crafting leadership skills would pop into the top 5 answers. If they weren’t, we wouldn’t be in Toastmasters, would we? Somewhere along the way, we realized its importance and decided to make a concerted effort to improve it.

Now imagine, if you can prevent this regret for another person?

What a powerful and long lasting change that would be!

That is what the Youth Leadership Program is all about.  

Youth Leadership Program (YLP) is one of 3 options, which can be completed to count as a Leadership Project fulfilled towards your DTM. (Refer to the complete list here)

It is a two-month workshop (usually summer) – where kids under the age of 18, get introduced to speech and leadership skills.

This program will teach and guide kids on the value of communication and leadership, long before they realize they even need it. Creating the base of that skill set, which will then compound over time.

Sharon Stadul and Annette Palmer from “Crossroads Toastmasters” have been doing just that – for the past 7 years! They even pivoted to a Zoom workshop in 2020!

The kids they have coached, have gone on to grow and expand their impact wonderfully, in their communities. You can read some of their anecdotes here.

Are you now willing to take on this project for your DTM?

You can purchase the Complete YLP kit here. (A digital version will also be available soon)

Youth Leadership Program is not just a workshop.

It fulfills a higher purpose. It’s an opportunity to do a civic duty, an opportunity to guide kids – such that they blossom into confident and well developed adults.

Pass the baton, please!

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