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As we get to Level 3 and above in Pathways, a lot of speeches are reports on skill based projects.

What was the project? How did you plan it? Who all did you work with? What steps did you take to accomplish it? What were the challenges? What did you learn?

Therefore before we get to present the speech, we have to complete the project.

This is where a lot of us get stuck.

How should I choose a project? Where can I implement it? How does it help?

Let’s address these questions one by one.

How should I choose a project?

There are 30+ Pathways projects and they cover a gamut of topics. Here are just a few examples – “Team Building,” “Create a Podcast,” “Managing Successful Events,”  “Building a social media presence,” “Leading in a difficult situation,” etc. These projects are fantastic because they are all experiential learning projects i.e. you learn by doing.

Please go through your Pathways project list and then note down the required and elective projects at each level. For the electives, choose them based on what appeals to you and/or what will challenge you to grow.

Where can I implement it?

There are plenty of opportunities, both in and outside of Toastmasters, to implement your projects.

Within Toastmasters –

Our District has multiple projects, events, contests, trainings, committees, conference activities- ongoing throughout the year – seeking members who have a desire to stretch themselves in leadership.

These are the type of opportunities available:

  • Listen to the District announcements / read through the newsletters to figure out where you can take charge and complete your project.
  •  See where your club, Area, or Division needs help and then help them while creating a project around that need.

Outside of Toastmasters –

Similar opportunities and needs are also present in your company, in your team, in your community or other clubs and organizations. You just have to notice where there is a need, and then see how best it matches your project.

How does it help?

As you can see – if you pay attention to what needs are present around you, where help is being asked for, you can contribute very meaningfully – far beyond what the original project requirements were. You will be able to serve well, learn new skills, improve your leadership and build meaningful relationships – all while completing your project simultaneously.

That’s a true win-win.

You can do it; the District can help!

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Preeti Venkataramani

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