Your New Path to DTM!

Pathways DTM Chart

The Pathways DTM journey has started for many, but the main question is, How do you finish?

To simplify, let’s break down the journey into its 4 main pillars

  • Education
  • Leadership (at Club Level)
  • Leadership (at District Level)
  • DTM Project (must benefit an Organization – any external entity or Toastmasters)


Education is the first pillar. You need to complete 2 Paths of your choice to accomplish this step.

*2020 Exclusive Offer*

To make it easier, Toastmasters is giving a free path to all members who renew their October membership by Dec 31st, 2020. Please visit your Toastmasters profile, click the “Choose A Path” button, and follow the normal path selection process to redeem your free path before March 31, 2021. 

Leadership (at Club Level)

This pillar is comprised of 2 parts –

  • Club Officer Role AND
  • Club Sponsorship/ Youth Leadership/ Speechcraft workshop (Choose 1)

Club Officer Role

This is where the “Where Leaders are made” TI tagline kicks in. Here, you start your journey in planning, collaborating and decision making.

Club Sponsorship/ Youth Leadership/ Speechcraft workshop (Choose 1)

Club Sponsorship

You initiate and create awareness about a prospective new club. You lead, mobilize and guide guests to then transition from a prospective to a chartered* club.

*Charter – Formally create a new club with all paperwork submitted to Toastmasters International.

Youth Leadership

A two-month workshop (usually summer) – where kids under the age of 18, get introduced to speech and presentation skills.

Speechcraft Workshop

Create a speech crafting skill based workshop for the community. Community members learn new speech skills and are made aware of Toastmasters Education Program.

Please note:

Digital program for Speech Craft is coming SOON! January 2021.  All printed materials purchased prior to 1/31/2021 will be acceptable for use until June 30, 2021. The printed material will no longer be accepted for credit after June 30, 2021.

Leadership (at District Level)

This pillar is comprised of 2 parts –

  • District Officer Role AND
  • Club Coach/ Club Mentor (Choose 1)

District Officer Role

Area Director role and above falls under the gamut of District Leadership. For a full list, please refer to this map.

Club Mentor / Club Coach (Choose 1)

Club Mentor – When a new club is charted, a club mentor helps the new members to clear their doubts, get comfortable with club roles, manage agendas and create a smooth club meeting experience.

Club Coach – When an existing club is going through some difficulty – drop in membership, getting meeting roles filled, club officer roles filled – a club coach helps assess the root cause and guides the club back to an engaging, energetic club that it once was.


This is the final pillar, a capstone project which must benefit an organization – any external entity or Toastmasters. This project is not automatically available. You have to request it specifically when you have completed Level 3 on the second path. It is then manually added under your profile. Please read through this DTM Project FAQ.

So fellow District 10 friends, this is what the new DTM journey looks like. 4 strong pillars. A well thought out, solid experiential learning journey to greater confidence, leadership, persuasion, and communication.

I have started on my journey… are you willing to march with me?

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Preeti Venkataramani


  1. Zahirah Suddeth on July 10, 2021 at 1:48 pm

    Great post Preeti.

    I am inspired to start my journey and march with you. I am interested in Club Coach and Club Sponsorship.

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