DTM Minting, Mentorship and its Evolution

In 2020, we saw 2 landmark DTM events.

The first held on May 16th 2020, had 22 members minted in a grand first ever virtual ceremony.

If… that was not enough, we had an encore on Oct 2nd, 2020 (where 19 more members got minted), and this ceremony was witnessed by, our special guest, none other than current International President, Richard E. Peck, DTM!

To the newer District 10 members, this formal ceremony is a given. However, it was always not so.

Enter Marsha Friedman.

Marsha earned her DTM in 2009. “I was an ‘accidental’ DTM – I had not focused on the goal of DTM, I just plugged along finishing one or more goals per year.”

As she reflected on this, she realized that if she had had some proper guidance and support, she could have achieved her DTM in half the time!

She reached out to Dave Wiley (the then incoming Lt. Gov.  Education & Training) and created a committee to formalize the mentorship program.

This set the ball rolling for the DTM mentorship success we witness today.

Read the full story here.

The DTM mentorship program provides great benefits:

  • Retain long-time members – those who have achieved DTM and are looking to do more.
  • Recruit new members – who witness our DTM minting ceremony and become interested in pursuing that path.
  • Reduce the “10 speeches and out” dropouts from District 10 – highlighting the longer term goal achievement.

Pete Punwani who served as the DTM chair in 2017, has beautifully captured the significance of this contribution in this blog post. The cascade of changes started by Marsha was carefully nurtured and enhanced by subsequent DTM chairs.

In 2021, when we attend the first mostly Pathways DTM ceremony, we should also celebrate that how a spark of an idea, can bloom into something so majestic!

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Preeti Venkataramani

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