Is Your Club Going to Earn This Year’s Smedley Award?

Is Your Club Going to Earn This Year’s Smedley Award?

Named for Toastmasters founder Ralph Smedley,  your club can achieve this year’s Smedley Award by adding five new, dual, or reinstated members between August 1 and September 30, 2020.

To qualify, clubs must submit new applications and payments for members who join between August 1 and September 30 to World Headquarters or online no later than September 30. Each member’s join date as listed on the application must be for August or September. Winning clubs will be announced online within a few weeks of the contest ending.

Why Should My Club Participate?

  • Your Club will qualify to receive a “Smedley Award” ribbon to display on your club’s banner.
  • Your club clubs earn a special discount code for 10-percent off their next club order. (The discount code expires six months from the date of issue and is not valid with any other offer.)

Why Should Your Club Want To Add New Members?

  • More people to fill meeting and officer roles
  • No one member has to take on too many responsibilities
  • Meetings are more fun
  • It’s easier for a club to help its members attain educational awards
  • More people benefit from Toastmasters
  • A ribbon for your club banner!
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