Introducing Next Year’s District 10 Leadership Team

Introducing Next Year’s District 10 Leadership Team

Sravanthi Vallampati, DTM
District Director,
District 10 2019-2020

Congratulations on a successful District 10 Virtual Spring Conference. You made it happen, and in style! Together, we made history this past weekend.

I am thrilled to see that you are as excited as I am to make most of the last 5 weeks of the Toastmasters’ year with renewed energy, confidence, and Can-Do attitude. Let’s end the year strong. Let’s keep #MovingForwardTogether on #ThePathToDistinguished.

I am delighted to introduce our District 10 leadership team for the 2020-2021 year. They each bring new ideas and proven commitment to uplift and empower us, and to lead District 10 in its envisioned success. 

District Director Elect
Alicia Smith-Kirk, DTM
Program Quality DirectorElect
Tricia Spayer, DTM
Club Growth Director Elect
Bob Churilla, DTM
Central Division Director Elect
Emmanuel Agbovi, ACG, ALB
Eastern Division Director Elect
Preeti Venkataramani, CC, CL, SR3
Northern Division Director Elect
Rachel Kresge, DTM
Southern Division Director Elect
Ryan Tomcko, EC4
Western Division Director Elect
Mark Meisner, IP2

Our vote of confidence and support will be their strength. I urge you to actively participate in the district as part of and beyond your club, and make District 10 and its leaders strong.

Onward and Upward, my friends! We are stronger together.

Meet Your 2020-2021 District 10 Leadership Team

Eight years ago, I joined Toastmasters to improve my public speaking and leadership skills. At the time, I had no idea how much more I would gain. 

My life is a journey filled with successes and failures. My successes give me confidence in my ability to achieve. My failures challenge my willingness to persevere. Along the way, they both make me a better person.

Let us all take this time to keep each other motivated and lifted up as we leverage our love for Toastmasters to develop life changing skills and continue to expand our network.

Now that we are ALL “Virtually Speaking,” we can meet new people and learn to effectively assimilate into groups filled with people of many diverse cultures which is the cornerstone of our International organization, “Where Leaders Are Made!”

The boundaries are what we make them. There are no limits to our growth potential in life, in leadership, or in District 10. Pathways is a game changer for so many people and it can be a game changer for us, right here in Northeast Ohio. 

It is with great pride I follow in the footsteps of many wonderful leaders who have come before me. I am honored and excited to share this journey with each you and our newly elected District 10 leadership team for 2020-2021. The best is yet to come!

I am delighted to serve as your incoming Program Quality Director (PQD) for District 10 for the 2020 – 2021 year. 

Everyone in District 10 joined Toastmasters for a reason. What’s your reason? 

Program Quality is about helping Toastmasters achieve their educational and leadership goals. Whether it’s completing a level in Pathways, working towards your DTM, entering a speech contest, becoming a leader in your club, or helping your club achieve Distinguished status, the Program Quality team helps provide the resources you need to succeed. 

We all know this upcoming year will not be easy. It’s more important than ever to support your leaders, and work together to provide all our members with the outstanding value that only Toastmasters can provide. 

I am committed to serving you and the District by connecting you with our highest quality resources. I invite you to connect with me, share your ideas, and have some fun while serving District 10! 

I am excited to serve as the District 10 Club Growth Director for the 2020-2021 Toastmasters year. It is a privilege to serve with such a group of talented and dedicated members that make our success not only possible, but inevitable.

Together we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. Our success comes from moving forward as a united District that is open to sharing what we have learned with our communities and like-minded organizations that will accelerate our growth as a District and member clubs.

Despite the challenges we face, our District and clubs through hard work will experience stability, innovation in promoting membership and growth. Through the use of technology we will provide new ways to present our programs and benefit our members in becoming better communicators and leaders.

We are on an exciting journey together.

Regardless of the times we find ourselves in, let us remember that it is in Toastmasters, “Where Leaders Are Made!

I’m honored and humbled to be your 2020-2021 Central Division Director Elect.

First, let me thank everyone who participated in the committee voting process, our entire District Committee and our Leadership team for entrusting me with your vote. You will not be disappointed.

I am excited about this Toastmasters year and am eager to contribute to its advancement. What I’ve learned and the people I’ve met since joining Toastmasters over 5 years ago has been amazing.

I am a confident communicator and a better leader because of the decision to join Toastmaster International. It’s not a secret that I am passionate about education and I believe that knowledge or wisdom doesn’t come overnight.

My hope is to motivate, lead, guide and support our Area Directors, Club Officers and our members to reach their full potential. We can only achieve greatness as a team.

I want to pay it forward by identifying and impacting emerging leaders as well to keep the torch lit for the continued success of our District 10.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb. 

Let’s Go Far Together, District 10 Toastmasters!

My personal philosophy is to leave a place better than you found it. I look at leadership through that lens too.

We have all joined Toastmasters to learn and grow. As a leader, I intend to first recognize what flavor of growth a member is seeking, and then help accelerate that.

I wish to serve District 10 such that, it brings out the best in members, creates great team synergy, and foster a thriving, stellar culture.

I am honored to have been selected to serve you as your next District 10 Northern Division Director for the 2020-2021 Toastmaster year. 

As Division Director, I will enter the role with goals and plans aimed at creating plans aimed for s.u.c.c.e.s.s. for you and your clubs. I plan to:

  • Support, build up, and provide encouragement to the Northern Division Area Directors
  • Uplift TLIs, contests and division events where possible with unique programming that hits at Division and District wants and needs, and gives those that attend skills they can leverage in and outside of their clubs.
  • Comb through each and every Area Director report submitted and find additional areas of opportunity for growth and feedback on each one to the Area Directors.
  • Consider what resources might help the Division as a whole grow and put together resource banks for share with membership.
  • Evaluate Northern Division club reports in the DCP at a regular cadence and make note of possible proactive opportunities to collaborate with clubs for greater success.
  • Seek to inform the Division of important updates, milestones and fun resources through a monthly Division newsletter.
  • Serve with a member-first mentality, doing what I can to help our leaders at every level make individual member experiences positive, supportive, and meaningful.

If I can help, I will. Northern Division members – let me know what challenges you face, and let’s create plans to overcome them together. 

As we continue to progress through a very challenging time in our nation’s history, connection and communication are becoming even more necessary as we continue to move forward.

Current members understand how beneficial Toastmasters is, and I know that our division can continue to spread that word to grow and develop more leaders.

As we continue to utilize Zoom, it will be just as important to keep our current members engaged to continue their development, and I look forward to working with the area directors to come up with creative ideas to keep things fun and engaging!

With everyone’s collaborative efforts, we will continue to grow and develop strong clubs and leaders during this upcoming year.

What an opportunity to serve as the Western Division Director this coming year.

Like so many new members, I sought out Toastmasters for a quick fix, to nail that one speech I was required to give. Little did I know at the time how Toastmasters was going to unfold for me.

By joining Toastmasters nearly six years ago; here I am today still growing, learning, and contributing to the Organization.

Communication is a learned skill that enhances our life experiences and is as unique as your fingerprint.

I have discovered that Toastmasters is reciprocal in the sense that the more you give or contribute the more you get in return.

This year will challenge all the clubs and Area Directors as we adapt to a new form of holding club meetings and how we collaborate as leaders. As Toastmasters, we are inherently resourceful, adaptable, and tenacious; I’m looking forward to working with all the Western Division Area Directors as we navigate these ever-evolving sets of circumstances. 

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