Resources to Promote your BIG ACG Workshop

Resources to Promote your BIG ACG Workshop

Dan Minder, ACS, ALS
DTM Chair, 2019-2020

If you still need to complete your Success Leadership or Success Communication program for your ACG award, I’d like to suggest some resources to help you complete it by the June 30, 2020 deadline. There are plenty of tools available to you to help you finish strong in an online environment.

First, District 10 has a Zoom Pro online meeting account available for you to use to conduct your ACG workshop. We can schedule your event for you, provide the link, and you can run it as long as you need to, so long as there are no conflicts with previously-scheduled meetings. Just to share the Zoom meeting invitation with your attendees before the big day!

Second, here are some resources to promote your workshop:

Third, don’t forget to tap into your personal network of co-workers, family, and friends. Do you know a few poor souls stuck deep inside the Netflix and wine rabbit hole? Yank them out of the abyss, and give them the opportunity to learn something useful!

Please email if you’re interested in using the District 10 Pro Zoom account, as well as any of the aforementioned resources.

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