District 10 Member Spotlight: Larry Goldsmith, DTM

District 10 Member Spotlight: Larry Goldsmith, DTM

Larry has a background in theatre and joined Toastmasters to balance out the technical aspect of his career with creativity and fun.

His very first Table Topics question before he was even a member required him to answer as Dracula – perfect for his passion in theatre! He joined that day.

He started at the Nationwide Insurance Toastmasters club 753 in Downtown Columbus (District 40) in April, 2004.

Larry is currently serving a third term as Area 30 Director in District 10.

Highlights and Accomplishments:

Larry has earned 15 Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) awards, including 2 in Pathways!

He has completed 6 paths in Pathways.

Larry uses his Toastmasters’ skills to help judge youth speech competitions for the North South Foundation.

Toastmasters International Convention, 2012 in Orlando, Florida

Larry has attended 3 International Conventions – Las Vegas (2011), Orlando (2012) and Cincinnati (2013).

At the Orlando Convention, he had the opportunity to speak to the general assembly to promote the International Convention in Cincinnati the following year. While he would have rather been in contention for the World Champion of Public Speaking, the moment was stressful enough.

Working with Toastmasters in Correctional Facilities:

Larry joined one of the two correctional institution clubs in Area 30 to handle their finances and helped the club become President’s Distinguished in 2018-2019.

Members in correctional facilities gain communication skills to:

  • Tell their stories to troubled teens
  • Help youth of tomorrow avoid the same mistakes
  • Apply for and get a good job upon their release
  • Speak more intelligently

In addition to regular club meetings, the clubs hold unofficial speech contests and debate competitions which he has been happy to join and participate.

Fast Track to Earning DTM Awards:

Larry earned his first DTM award 18 months after joining Toastmasters.

He attributes his success to having a great mentor who powered him with information and opportunities having been a former District Director in District 40.

He spoke as a target speaker at several contests before becoming a competitor and winning multiple contests.

He became an Area Director after only being a member for 3 months – Being a last minute appointment, he learned on the fly!

He served in multiple Area Director roles at once and got credit for each one. He loves the advantages of working with different clubs, seeing their best ideas and taking that knowledge into other struggling clubs. He encourages members to serve as district leaders.

Motivation for Staying in Toastmasters after 15 DTMs:

Larry is still learning and growing. He meets fascinating people with fascinating stories and is inspired by them! Toastmasters is definitely where leaders are made.

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