Important Announcement About Club Meetings and Online Trainings

Alicia Smith-Kirk, DTM
District 10 Program Quality Director
Dear fellow Toastmasters of District 10,

By now you may have seen District communications reflecting our efforts towards getting all club officers and members trained in Zoom; our online meeting platform choice.

To keep ourselves, our club members, and families safe during this time, we strongly recommend that clubs vote on meeting exclusively online until all activity can safely resume. Please continue to watch for updates from (local) government agencies, Toastmasters International, and District 10 to make decisions that are practical and safe for all.

What does a Zoom Meeting platform mean for Toastmasters Clubs?  
Learning how to keep our connections using an online platform. District 10 has purchased Zoom accounts for use by our clubs, so you won’t need to purchase your own account unless you want to. Your Division Directors will be in touch to schedule Zoom meetings.

Zoom Online Training and Help

Access self-help links from Zoom to get yourself and your club members zooming in no time.
Includes information about joining with Apple, Android, and other devices.

Zoom FAQs

Get your most frequently asked questions answered here:

Online Zoom Training: Description & Schedule


30 minute – Zoom Basics
Spend 30 minutes learning the basics with one of our Zoom Hosts. We will cover general overview of the Zoom environment, protocols, chatting, asking questions, host controls, and wrap things up with live Q&A.
Who should attend? All Toastmasters who will be attending meetings via Zoom

50 minute – Zoom – BEYOND the “nuts and bolts”Moving from the basics to the “nuts and bolts” of creating, starting and managing a Zoom Toastmasters Club meeting. You’ll learn about the benefits that participants will have using different devices (i.e., phone, computer, etc.) with this technology. The role of the host, such as, Pin Video, Virtual Background, Mute All And Unmute All, Audio Echo In A Meeting, and more. Participants will be introduced to an overview of free Zoom resources, such as upcoming events, cheat sheets, packets, videos and more. The trainers will share Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) resources to help participants gain more insight into Zoom. Not everyone needs a Zoom account, but if you have one there are benefits and we’ll go over each.
Who should attend? Zoom Hosts and Club Officers


Thursday, March 19th
7:30 PM 90 Minutes – Zoom Guidance for Leaders
David Carr –
This webinar will provide guidance for Toastmaster leaders who have suddenly found themselves compelled to move meetings, contests, and other events online.

Friday, March 20th
12:05 PM 30 Minutes – Zoom Basics
Lenroy Jones, Alicia Smith-Kirk 

7:30 PM 30 Minutes – Zoom Basics
Lenroy Jones, Sravanthi Vallampati 

Saturday, March 21st
8:00 AM 50 Minutes – Zoom – BEYOND the nuts and bolts
Lenroy Jones, Alicia Smith-Kirk

12:00 PM 50 Minutes – Zoom – BEYOND the nuts and bolts
Lenroy Jones, Alicia Smith-Kirk

7:00 PM 50 Minutes – Zoom – BEYOND the nuts and bolts
Lenroy Jones, Sravanthi Vallampati 

Monday, March 23rd
6:00 PM 30 Minutes – Zoom Basics
Aziz Radwan, Alicia Smith-Kirk

Tuesday, March 24th
1:00 PM 30 Minutes – Zoom Basics
Aziz Radwan, Alicia Smith-Kirk

Wednesday, March 25th
9:00 AM 30 Minutes – Zoom Basics
Sandra Orland, Alicia Smith-Kirk

Thursday, March 26th
6:00 AM 30 Minutes – Zoom Basics
Lenroy Jones 

12:00 PM 30 Minutes – Zoom Basics
Sandra Orland, Alicia Smith-Kirk

Your Division Directors are your go to resource for online Zoom meeting access.

Wendi Polman,
Ines Jimenez,
Lenroy Jones,
Rayshawn Eatmon,
Norberto Flores,
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